Home News Woman Jumped off Carnival Cruise Ship Video Goes Viral Twitter and Reddit

Woman Jumped off Carnival Cruise Ship Video Goes Viral Twitter and Reddit


WATCH: Woman Jumped off Carnival Cruise Ship Video Goes Viral Twitter and Reddit: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines related to a Carnival Valor cruise ship. Yes, we are talking about a recent incident that happened on a cruise ship when a 32 years old woman jumped off a Carnival Valor cruise ship on Wednesday. As soon as the news of this incident broke out, it made the headlines everywhere. The news also went viral on the internet and gained huge attention from people. People are shocked after knowing the news. The investigation has been started by the US Coast Guard who are searching for the woman. Here, we have brought all the details about the incident that how and when it happened. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Woman Jumped off Carnival Cruise Ship Video

Woman Jumped off Carnival Cruise Ship Video

On 16 February 2022 (Wednesday), a 32 years old woman reportedly jumped off the Carnival Valor cruise ship nearly 150 miles offshore in Southwest Pass, Louisiana. At the time of the incident, the ship was about to complete a trip from Cozumel, Mexico to New Orleans. Passengers stated that the unknown woman clenched her hands before going overboard as she was involved in a disturbance on the heated deck inside the cruise.

After the incident, Gabriel Wisdom, US Coast Guard Petty officers reported that the Coast Guard Sector of New Orleans and the Coast Guard’s 8th District conducted a search operation immediately after being reported about the incident. In the meantime, a passenger named Johnny Trupp recorded the moments on camera after the incident. Right now, the video went viral and was circulated on the internet widely. The video shows a life preserver being thrown into the water and a glare of red smoke coming from the spot.

As per the sources, the unidentified woman jumped off the Carnival Valor cruise ship’s 10th deck at about 02:30 pm on Wednesday. Witnessed passengers stated that the victim possibly collided with a rolling and a lifeboat when she was tumbling down the ship and allegedly fell on her face in the Gulf of Mexico.

The cause of this incident is yet to be disclosed, however, fellow passengers told that the woman’s hands were restrained ahead of the overboard incident after being involved in a disturbance in the hot tube area with a man inside the ship. A passenger named Kim Barnette told WAFB, “Security got her out of the hot tub. Whenever they got to take her into custody, apparently she was upset and went over the rail.” Another passenger said that the woman also tossed a water bottle at security guards and attack one officer. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

A woman coerces Coast Guard to indulge in her search after she reportedly jumps off Carnival Cruise Ship, following a commotion in a hot tub that leads to her getting detained or handcuffs, stated by the fellow passengers. The 32-year-old woman is still searching by the US Coast Guard who had overboard the Carnival Valor, was almost 150 miles away from the coast of South Pass, Louisiana, sailing from Cozumel, Mexico to New Orleans, the incident took place at 2:30 pm on Wednesday.

Now, we will be going to have the statements from the witnesses and the fellow passengers, “How the woman was leaped or overboard from the Carnival Cruise Ship?”

A statement from one of the fellow passengers reads, “A woman who is yet to be identified as handcuffing, still managed to have leaped into the water. Due to her hands being bonded she collided with a life boat, later she also to the railing on her way down. Then she was plunged into the Gulf of Mexico.”

A man from the same board ship captured this incident on his cell phone and he tweeted the clip on Twitter, surfacing all over the web. This clip is consist of a life preserver and the red smoke releasing behind the Carnival Cruise Ship.

An unidentified 32 year filed female was juped off about 150 miles off the shore of Louisiana, told by the passengers.

Baton Rouge resident Kim Barnette, stated to the sources that, “she was caught by security and they got her out fro a hot tub, she was taken onto the custody, she seems worried ad upset and also went over the rail.”

A tweet and statement from another fellow passenger of the same ship said that “a victim woman was handcuffed- still, she jumped off almost 150 miles off the shore.”

As per the witnesses, the woman was stuck sometimes with the lifeboats while she was falling.

Another cruise passenger said, ‘There were some lifeboats from those a woman was apparently hit on the way down. When she hit lifeboats, it was pretty loud, and of course, there was a commotion here on the ship, which made me go on my balcony on deck 7.”‘

The related information about an identified woman is not on the web yet as the investigation is still going on, so you guys need to keep some patience until officials released her details.


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