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Why was DUP councillor William Walker Arrested? Charges Explained


DUP councillor William Walker Arrested: Why was DUP councillor William Walker Arrested? Charges Explained: According to reports, there was a piece of news that came out on the internet that William Walker, a DUP Councillor was apprehended in the case of child sexual grooming. He was a representative for Newry, Mourne, and Down Strict Council. He works in DUP Strangford MP Jim Shannon’s constituency office where most of his time was spent in the office signing some confidential documents, meeting with new people, checking the systems whether it is going good or bad. He worked day and night. Literally, he has no time to look for his family and his children about what they are doing, what they will do, what their children progress. He was in the position for 20 years as a Councillor. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

DUP councillor William Walker Arrested

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DUP councillor William Walker Arrested

Besides this, he made mistake. The mistake was so big that if we gonna tell you then probably you gonna hate him. He was 59 years old when he do this. He committed sexual grooming of a child at night. Nobody expects him to do this. Literally, No one. Even his wife doesn’t know that he will do this at such a level. Many claims that he goes to work during the day and does nasty things at late night. When he comes back to his house, his wife asks where has been staying for so long? he answered only in one sentence. And that is I also started overtime. I am doing this for you, for our family, and for our future. That’s the only reason his wife getting every day.

The news came out when he was caught by his own employee. Later on, the news officially came into the public through print media, the internet, and various social media platforms. The councilor was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming. He has been released on bail pending further inquiries. The allegations which are imposed on him are now on hold because of bail.

No one can do anything to him. Seems like he is free from the punishment. People want to see him inside the jail. It follows claims made to the PSNI by an online pedophile hunter group based in England.  The self-styled group uses what they call decoys to pose as underage children and wait to be contacted by adults. It was difficult to put him in jail because if we try to put him in jail then he got bailed easily. We can only do this by showing some strong evidence or solid proof.

Why was DUP councillor William Walker Arrested?

The arrest of DUP councilor is making round all over the web and netizens are plunging into the web to know the reason behind his arrest. There are several claims on his arrest which is made by a so-called”pedophile hunter” group. We are talking about William Walker, a representative for Newry, Mourne, and Down District Council. Also known for serving in the DUP Strangford MP Jim Shannon’s constituency office. He is 59 years old counselor and he had been arrested on Tuesday on the suspicion of attempting to be involved in a child following sexual grooming.

He was later released in the bail for further queries and the DUP also gave a statement, “allegations will be “expeditiously” examined by the party officers.” The self-styled group has been using “decoys” so that they can pose as underage children and England. He went online with the adults secretly and seek to know those who attempted to be groom young people. His Facebook account has been showing that he used it to sexually groom two decoys posing as underage girls.

There has been a series of screenshots that appear to highlight the messages sent on both Facebook and WhatsApp to share them with the detectives. There is a statement on which the PSNI spokeswoman said that “DUP councilor who is 59 years old is arrested due to the charges of meeting a child following sexual grooming, yesterday (Tuesday 22nd February) in the Co Down area. He is released on bail following the several inquiries.”

Another statement from the DUP spokesman in which he said, “the party is now aware of these allegations against him now, and the officers ofo the party went into the details to examine the party issues.” Walker is from Killyleagah and is also known as the long-standing councilor who represents the Rowallane area of Newry, Mourne, and Down council. He was formerly chairman of the old Down District Council before the numeral of councils in Northern Ireland was decreased in 2015 beneath local government reforms.

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