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Why was Convoy Organizer Arrested? Charges Explained


Convoy Organizer Arrested: Why was Convoy Organizer Arrested? Charges Explained: On Wednesday (16th February 2022), Canadian police warned demonstrators opposed to COVID-19 rules and regulations who have been obstructing Ottawa series for closely 3 weeks to leave or face apprehend, fines, and capture of their trucks. Federal authorities, in the meantime, negotiated a peaceful end to the last of many recent barriers by protestors of the border crossing between Canada and the United States. Ottawa police stated in a released notice give out to truckers outside the parliament. The statement stated that anyone blocking streets or assisting others in doing so will be apprehended and face charges. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Convoy Organizer Arrested

Convoy Organizer Arrested

Not only this cops also warned that anyone charged or sentenced for taking part in the illicit demonstration may, in addition to criminal penalties, be interdicted from traveling to the United States. As the notices were handed out, AFP reporters watched hundreds of trucks continuing to occupy the streets in the parliamentary precinct, periodically hocking horns in the spite of an extension Wednesday of a court order against the extreme noises, acquired by an area resident fed up with the disruptions.

David Shaw a 65-years-old trucker informed AFP that “We are still a lot of trucks holding the line. I will keep coming back.

Jan Grouin (42-years-old) fellow trucker pillory the decision of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week to impose a state of emergency, calling it “a little overreacting perhaps to think that we are terrorists.”

Why was Convoy Organizer Arrested?

Not able to remove the protestors, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, which gives the government broad new powers to finally end their weeks-long protest over the restrictions of COVID. The move marked only the 2nd time in the history of Canada such emergency powers have been invoked in peacetime. Trudeau informed journalists on Wednesday that cops now getting aid from several other law enforcement units, should now “be able to start their actions.”

He said that “It is time for this to end,” further adding that it was up to “cops to decide when and how.”

On Tuesday, Steve Bell, the interim police of Ottawa stated a “turning point” has been reached. He said, “I believe we now have the resources and partners to bring this to a safe end and to this occupation.” Ball replaced chief Peter Sloly who suddenly resigned after facing intense criticism over his failure to remove the protestors.  The “Freedom Convoy” began with truckers who are protesting against mandatory COVID vaccines to cross the United States border, but its demands have since grown to include an end to all the health rules which is related to the pandemic and for several, a broader anti-establishment agenda.


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