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Who Was Kathryn Hays What Was Her Cause Of Death? Kathryn Hays Dead and Obituary

Kathryn Hays dead

Who Was Kathryn Hays What Was Her Cause Of Death? Kathryn Hays Dead and Obituary Kathryn Hays, who played Kim Sullivan Hughes on “As the World Turns” for decades and had a fan-favorite role in a Season 3 episode of “Star Trek,” died on March 25 at the age of 87 in Fairfield, Connecticut, according to TV Line. Follow More Updates On Newsminatii.in

Kathryn Hays Death Cause

The cause of death could not be determined.

In a statement, her scene partner Don Hastings, who portrayed her husband, Bob Hughes, remembers her lovingly, stating, “Our relationship as Bob and Kim was as close as Kathryn and my relationship, only we weren’t married.”

Hastings also revealed that the couple’s “greatest disagreement” was that she “always wanted to rehearse” while he “liked to relax.”

“To everybody who knew her, this is a terrible loss,” he said.

Who Was Kathryn Hays

Hays, an Illinois native who played the renowned character for 38 years, also made a guest appearance in “Star Trek” in 1968, which captivated the hearts of sci-fi fans all across the world. In “The Empath,” she played the titular mute hero Gem.

In 2010, Hays described the interplanetary appearance as one of the most unique experiences of her career, in contrast to the more socially tragic roles she was used to doing.

“I’ve always felt it would be a fun character for me to portray. That was a lot of fun to play. Hays told We Love Soaps, “It was technically very interesting.” “From a technical standpoint, it show was intriguing to work on. It was nothing like a usual show.”

Hays began her acting career in the early 1960s on television. In addition to the spy series “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and other shows, she appeared in the westerns “Bonanza” and “Route 66.” In 1971, she starred in the television film “Yuma.”

Kathryn Hays Dead and Obituary

Her breakthrough role was Elizabeth Reynolds in the 1966 pre-Civil War western “The Road West,” in which she starred for the whole 29-episode run.

The renowned actress joined “As The World Turns” a few years later, in 1972.

She played Kim on the daytime show until it was canceled in 2010 after a 54-year run on the air.

She also had a Broadway career, playing in shows such as “Ladybug, Ladybug,” “The Irregular Verb to Love,” and “Hot September,” among others.

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