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Who was Jim Ramsey and what was his cause of death? Jim Ramsey wgn dead and obituary

Jim Ramsey wgn dead

Who was Jim Ramsey and what was his cause of death? Jim Ramsey wgn dead and obituary The death of Jim Ramsey, a former WGN weather reporter, was revealed on April 8, 2022. Follow More Updates On Newsminatii.in

After more than 40 years in television news and weather, our friend and colleague Jim Ramsey have retired. Saturday night was his last newscast.

Jackie Bangey, Jim’s weekend co-host, takes a look back at his illustrious career.

Who Was Jim Ramsey

Jim Ramsey, a veteran Chicago weatherman, will retire at the end of the year, after a 42-year career in broadcasting, according to WGN-Channel 9.

Ramsay exited his three-year career at the Tribune radio station with calm professionalism, as he had wished.

In an email to workers, WGN news director Jennifer Lyons said, “Jim came to me a few months ago, told me about his choice, but requested me not to say anything.” “Because, in classic Jim Ramsey form, he despises pomp and circumstance.”

Jim Ramsey Death Cause

Ramsay’s last day at the station, according to Lyon, was December 30. “He’s ready to spend more time with his wife and enjoy his own weekend,” she explained.

Ramsay was unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

Ramsay began his career as a news anchor in 1975 after graduating from the University of South Carolina. He moved to Chicago in 1980 for news and weather duties at ABC’s WLS. Channel 7 after stints in North Carolina, Colorado, and Virginia. After three years at ABC 7 and four years with ABC’s Washington, D.C. affiliate, WJLA, he joined WGN in 1987.

He’s been the primary stand-in for Tom Skilling, WGN’s lead meteorologist, and weather forecaster, for a long time.

Mark Suppelsa, the weekday newscaster for WGN at 5, 6, 9, and 10 p.m., left Friday after Ramsay announced his retirement.

I can’t believe I’ve done it again…

But I have some more retirement news for you.
Jim Ramsay decided it was time to stop watching TV and start living! He’s eager to spend more time with his wife and have his own weekend.

Jim Ramsey Wikipedia and Biography

Jim has worked at WGN for over 30 years. Let’s see what we can find out in a minute: 30 years as a member of the prestigious WGN Weather Team He was a dependable forecaster who guided Chicagoans through many severe winters, wild spring rains, tornadoes, and hot summers.

Jim approached me a few months ago and informed me of his choice, but he urged me not to say anything. Because, in true Jim Ramsay form, he isn’t interested in all the pomp and circumstance.

The 30th of December will be his last day with us.

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