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Who was Cassidy Murray and how did she die and what was her cause of death? Aruba Boating Accident Death Video Explained – Hyd News


Who was Cassidy Murray and how did she die and what was her cause of death? Aruba Boating Accident Death Video Explained:

The accident cases are constantly increasing day by day. Yesterday we read about a 14-year-old boy who fell from a ride and lost his life and today we hear a 13-year-old girl who lost her life in a boating accident. As per the latest report, a 13-year-old Boston girl was assassinated in a “freak” boating accident at the time of a vacation with her family in Aruba, officials asserted on Saturday. Cassidy Murray who attended Buckingham Browne and Nichols School passed away on Wednesday, as per Patriot Ledger. Cops and her family have not disclosed the circumstances surrounding her demise.

Who was Cassidy Murray?

Her family issued a statement and a picture of Cassidy on Friday afternoon after asserting the tragedy with school officials. The Murray family stated that “It is with broken hearts that we share the news of the tragic passing of our daughter, Cassidy. The beautiful spirit of Cassidy, genuinely kind heart, bright mind, and positive zest for life will be profoundly missed by all who knew and loved her.

Cassidy Murray Aruba Boating Accident Death Video

“We thank everyone for their love and support and we ask that you please give us time and space to mourn together privately at the time of this difficult time.” Cassidy played hockey and also participated in gymnastics, as per Head of School, Jennifer Price. She had previously attended the Pierce Middle School of Milton prior to transferring to Buckingham Browne & Nichols at the request of her sibling, who is a 10th great pupil at the school.

Cassidy Murray Aruba Boating Accident

How did Cassidy Murray die?

Price stated of Murray that “She wasted no time making her own different and unique mark on the MS campus. Her ever-present smile, infectious laugh, and upbeat personality incorporated together any group she was a part of. Classmates moved to her because of her natural kindness and quiet modesty. Her pals knew from the very 1st week of school that she would be a trusted, warm confidant with a great sense of camaraderie and fun.

Cassidy Murray Aruba Boating Accident

Cassidy Murray Death Cause

“She was just something that made the globe a better place, stated neighbor and family pal, Ed Keohane. “It is a total shock. It is kind of like a horror movie screenplay has come to life. This was such a unique little girl. She was someone that swooped down the street, played with the dog, would sit out on the front steps with her family. You could hear her laugh.”


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