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Who was Advocate Paul Kennedy SC and how did he die, what was his cause of death?


Who was Advocate Paul Kennedy SC and how did he die, what was his cause of death?: An advocate Paul Kennedy has been committed suicide and this news is in the headlines on all the news channels. He was into the hundreds of charges against him. He has faced 735 charges of young boys, human trafficking, unlawful possession, creation and importing and/or exporting, and distribution of child pornography. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Advocate Paul Kennedy SC

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Who was Advocate Paul Kennedy SC?

He was the counsel for the State Capture Commission which is chaired by Raymond Zondo a Deputy Chief Justice, he presented at the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg next Monday. He was also alleged to commit several crimes from  September 2020 to July 2021. Even after facing several charges he was also faced the state capture commission and was part of counsel.

A close lawyer to him is given a statement that “after being a pedophile he was grated with the protection by powerful personalities.” There are several successes these are claiming that he was found dead at his resident-only and one of his close family friends was also at the scene. But it is still confusing he hanged himself or overdoes with the pills, so the exact reason for his death is yet to be mentioned.

Advocate Paul Kennedy SC Death Cause

There is a statement from the sources which reads, “many had been well that his shenanigans but was afraid to become out and took him to the tasks as he was the most powerful personality in the legal fraternity. this is the reason why the media isn’t revealing much about his identity even after he was under the allegations of the biggest crimes against him. Ashe was a black person this is also the reason why his name is in the media always..”

Advocates Raymond Mathenjwa and Ron Mncwabe were named as directors of public prosecutions (DPP) for the Northern Cape and Mpumalanga, respectively, but they were appointed later to revoked when Ramaphosa had come to power in February 2018.

Ramaphosa gave a statement, “I wasn’t at all satisfied that the some of the  individuals purportedly appointed by the former president (Zuma), on the suggestion of (former National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) promoter (Shaun) Abrahams, would necessarily satisfactorily confirm the claims of a positively practical NDPP or be in the best attractions of the restructuring and resurrection of the NDPP, as a critical organ in the justice system.”

There are no claims or statements from his family’s side yet, and the preliminary investigation of his death is still on the way.


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