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Who Is Whitney Paige Venable, Leaked Photos and videos Twitter & Reddit

Whitney Paige Venable

Who Is Whitney Paige Venable, Leaked Photos and videos Twitter & Reddit A model claims she was informed to cover up at a theme park for wearing a crop high after being informed her “huge breasts make individuals uncomfortable.”  Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

Whitney Paige Venable, 26, from Florida, visited Universal Studios in Orlando and says she was shocked at how she was handled by staff.

The mannequin claims that a worker knowledgeable her that she must cowl up her cleavage if she wanted to be let into the park.

Whitney Paige Venable Leaked Photos

Whitney was wearing a white crop high and mint inexperienced shorts, however, says many different ladies had been wearing related outfits.

“I felt humiliated and embarrassed,” stated Whitney, who has 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

“I used to be told I needed to change my high to have the ability to enter. I feel it’s as a result of I’ve naturally big breasts and it makes individuals uncomfortable however at far as I do know my clothing wasn’t in opposition to the rules.

“I really feel like I used to be discriminated in opposition to due to the size of my breasts. I observed different individuals staring and I felt really embarrassed. It was humiliating.”

The incident occurred in 2021 however has solely come to light this week.

Whitney Paige Venable Leaked Video

In a video, Whitney will be on her way into Universal Studios with a good friend, with the pair wanting to be excited for his or her day out.

Moments later, their happy mood is crushed as a second video shows them standing on the entrance to the park, ready to be let in as Whitney is then reportedly informed her outfit is “inappropriate”.

“So, I suppose my top is inappropriate for Universal, we’re having an issue proper now,” she will be heard saying.

In a follow-up video, Whitney, who has been turned away on the entrance, says: “So apparently I’ve to go change right into an extra appropriate high though I’ve seen lots of people right here in sports bra-looking tops.”

Speaking in regards to the incident, she stated: “I felt like I used to be being focused and it was the summer so it was scorching, I didn’t actually understand [the issue] however having natural large breast brings consideration.

“I ended up placing on one other high over the sports bra, my good friend had one other high within the car.

“However I ended up taking it off later on within the park as a result of it was hot and ugly and the fact I used to be judged actually p—— me off.

“Smaller women can put on no matter they need — having big breasts nonetheless will get sexualized.”

Last year, Whitney claims she was banned by Twitter after individuals reported her saucy photos.

“Sooner or later, I modified my cowl picture to an innocent shot of me displaying off my determine — however I used to be sporting underwear,” she stated.

“And suddenly, my account was banned. It made me really feel discriminated against as a result of there being far worse photos on Twitter. It’s not fair.”

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