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Who Is Taylor Allen Cancun? Taylor Allen who beat her to bloody pulp was abusive

Taylor Allen
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Who Is Taylor Allen Cancun? Taylor Allen who beat her to a bloody pulp was abusive A US tourist found overwhelmed to dying in Cancun reportedly sent a chilling remaining text to her buddies saying she had acquired right into a fight with her boyfriend and needed stitches.

Sativa Transue, 26, was found lifeless by a maid contained in the All Ritmo Resort in Cancun on November 27.

Who Is Taylor Allen At Cancun?

Her boyfriend Taylor Allen, 31, was arrested in connection with her killing after the couple is understood to have been concerned in a fierce row shortly earlier than her demise.

Now Allen has been accused of monitoring his girlfriend’s cellphone and being “very emotionally abusive”, by Satvia’s household.

They are saying tragic Satvia called her boyfriend the “beast” when he drank alcohol.

The day earlier than her body was found, Sativa had reportedly texted her buddies again dwelling in Spokane, Washington at around 1 pm on November 26, telling them she and Allen had already consumed “seven photographs and two Pina Coladas.”

Hours later, she sent the same buddies a flurry of messages saying she had acquired right into a struggle with Allen and needed stitches.

Her buddies grew increasingly concerned when she stopped responding to their messages they usually tried to seek out out what had occurred between the pair, prompting them to name the police.

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