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Who is shrivardhan trivedi? Bollywood Anchor shrivardhan trivedi Wiki-Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Instagram, facebook

shrivardhan trivedi

who is shrivardhan Trivedi? Bollywood Anchor shrivardhan Trivedi Wiki-Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Instagram, FacebookChain Se Sona Hai To, Jaag Jaiye!’ and ‘Sannate Ko Chirti SanSani!’ These are the dialogues that Shrivardhan Trivedi, the man who spoke, brought to everyone’s tongue and set a different formula for presenting crime news. Shrivardhan Trivedi’s birthday was celebrated on 18 November. He is a resident of Dindori in MP.  Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

Who is shrivardhan Trivedi

Shrivardhan Trivedi also holds the record for anchoring a show by the same anchor. He has hosted about three and a half thousand shows till now. Trivedi has not missed the show even for a day, even when his mother was admitted to a hospital in Jabalpur, she shot the show from under the hospital. Trivedi says, I anchored the show on the day when my mother passed away.

Shrivardhan Trivedi is not only a journalist, but also an actor, who has also worked in a couple of movies, but after auditioning for Sensation, Uday Shankar, Head of Star News, and Ajit Anjum, Editorial Head of BAG Films, got this face so much. Liked that he became the anchor of his show. In those days it was a unique show in itself. Thanks to the tremendous hard work of the editorial team and the style of Shrivardhan Trivedi, the TRP of this show has not reached this point to think of closing it.

He is mimicked in comedy shows, his look is kept for mimicry. But few people know that this look of Trivedi for the Sansani program was finalized due to a coincidence. Trivedi says I was selected for Sansana after auditioning 600 to 700 people in the country. At that time I was playing Arjun in a film based on Mahabharata. Hair and beard were grown for the same role. Suddenly I came to audition for this show and the makers liked my look. Although they were looking for a beard-mustache face earlier, later my look was finalized and the sensation started.

Trivedi was the first to present crime news in a different way. He explains the reason behind this style, this style was not adopted to sensationalize the incident of any crime. We wanted that the way we present our news should be such that the news of a rape awakens the sensitivity of the people, shakes their consciousness. Along with this, my flair has also added a bit of a touch to this style. If any talk of injustice comes in front of me, then resentment arises in me, due to which people see this style on TV.

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