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Who is Quin69 on twitter, Quin69 Has Now Blown Over $18K On Diablo Immortal


Who is Quin69 on Twitter, Quin69 Has Now Blown Over $18K On Diablo Immortal New Zealand streamer Quin69 recently made news for spending $NZ10,000 ($AU8973) on Diablo Immortal and without finding a single 5-star Legendary Gem, but he isn’t giving up. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Quin has spent an additional $NZ10,000 on Legendary Crests since creating his initial round of headlines in an effort to determine its drop rate. Quin still doesn’t have a single Legendary Gem to his name despite investing (as of this writing) around $NZ21,000 ($AU18,845) into a personal cause that is undoubtedly turning his accountant’s hair white.

Who is Quin69 on Twitter

The reason Quin is refusing to give up is a desire to show the world how predatory the player Diablo Immortal‘s revenue model really is. The community is already well aware that the game has been built to milk their wallets for all they are worth, at every level, but the question of exactly how the numbers have been weighted remains.

The best end-game gear in Diablo Immortal requires Legendary Gems to have its stats upgraded, as Quin69 described to us the last time we spoke with him. The most potent, sought-after, and scarcest gems are the 5-star gems. To properly optimise a full post-game kit, six 5-star Legendary Gems are needed.

Quin69 Has Now Blown Over $18K On Diablo Immortal

This discovery is consistent with information published by GameRant last week, which hinted that Diablo Immortal’s pity system wasn’t quite up to par. The pity mechanism is intended to give gamers a way to ensure that a Legendary Gem will drop. The bargain, as it was previously understood, allows players to make a sacrifice in exchange for a 5-star Legendary Gem if they gathered 50 Legendary Crests. However, that is not what is taking place. You are not guaranteed a 5-star Legendary Gem, as stated in the game’s fine print. Instead, you have ensured a Legendary Gem with a five-star rating. Still, it’s a game of luck. Burning your 50 Legendary Crests could result in receiving a 1-star Gem, which is such a frustrating possibility that it itches my skin even in theory.

What then becomes of Quin69? In terms of gems, it’s up the creek and down $20 grand, but even without them, it’s astronomically powerful. Quin69 can slash through enemies and PvP with his current equipment, which has led to the occasional brag. His chat is quick to remind him that he didn’t get there by himself, saturating the chat box with remarks that read “Well compensated.”

It will be interesting to watch how far Quin can take this cause before someone steals his credit card.

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