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Who is Mikaela Testa, OnlyF model trolled- OnlyFans model scared to leave house, Age Instagram, and, more!

Mikaela Testa

Who is Mikaela Testa, OnlyF model trolled- OnlyFans model scared to leave the house, Age Instagram, and, more! A 21-year-old girl has shared her pain after receiving steady hate online for having a career as an OnlyFans mannequin. Mikaela Testa from Queensland, Australia, was all in tears while reading comments. Her 20-year-old boyfriend Atis Paul captured the scene and posted it on TikTok with a caption that learns, “That is the state I’ve to see my girlfriend in twice a week.” Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

Who is Mikaela Testa?

Within the video, Testa says, “Every single comment is so horrible. I can’t even breathe. Because of this, I don’t even leave the home half the time, as a result, I don’t wish to see anybody that hates me. It ruins my day, I just feel like f***ing dying. I don’t even know what else to do anymore.”

Mikaela Testa: Age and Instagram

Reportedly, the clip has attracted over 3.4 million views with a number of support messages from folks. A person wrote, “This breaks my heart and I’m sorry that Mik has to go through this. She’s so lovely and the individuals who hate on her are jealous. Keep your head up.” The second person stated, “Folks online are horrible and there’s not enough light shed on the way it affects folks’ mental health. I really like you Mik and I want the world wasn’t so cruel.”

Mikaela Testa, OnlyF model trolled

A supportive comment learns, “I do know sometimes folks don’t perceive/are envious of the lifestyle you guys stay, but it surely’s not an excuse to bully. This breaks my heart.” One other comment noted: “Mik doesn’t deserve this she is such a beautiful particular person and she or he might produce other stuff going on behind social media.”

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Testa has received hate comments over her account. Earlier, she was requested by online trolls to “get an actual job”. On the time, she fired again at them and stated, “My job is an actual job, I legally need to pay hundreds of 1000’s of {dollars} price of tax, simply because I’m not outlaying bricks within the hot sun or like constructing homes, love that, respect that, but it’s clearly not for me.”

Testa had added, “It’s literal actual money, due to this fact it’s an actual job. Everyone seems to be different. Not everybody goes to be a tough working man. Not everyone is lower out for ‘hard work’. Simply because I shouldn’t have the identical job as you don’t imply I don’t have a real job.”

In one other incident, a Colorado police officer reportedly lost her job after colleagues discovered her OnlyFans page. Melissa Williams was within the service for around three a long time and began sharing stuff on the adult website solely in May 2020 to boost her intercourse life along with her husband. She advised Jam Press, “My personal sex life was completely separate and by no means affected my means to do my job. I used to be in shock and panic as a result of I by no means needing these two parts of my life to collide.”

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