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Who Is IMFENDII On Tiktok? Is FENDII Dead or Alive, IMFENDII Death Hoax Explained!

TikToker ImFendii

Who Is IMFENDII On Tiktok? Is FENDII Dead or Alive, IMFENDII Death Hoax Explained!  TikTok users had been in shock after coming through a video on Fendii’s profile that claimed he was dead. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

The TikTok star, who goes by the deal with “Imfendii,” needed to later confirm that he was nonetheless alive.

He went on to apologize to followers for the misunderstanding that gave rise to demise rumors, leaving a number of concerned.



It began with a TikTok on Fendii’s profile consisting of his footage with an overlay text claiming he was dead.

It appeared real as a result of the TikTok being shared on Fendii’s official account.

The text within the video read: “RIP Fendi. Sorry to all of the fans that supported him. He’ll be missed and remembered for his heart-touching quotes.”

It was solely a matter of time earlier than followers started panicking and the false information about his demise quickly unfold like wildfire on the web.

Many followers even started to share their condolences under his TikToks.


 Is FENDII Dead or Alive, Death Hoax Explained!

Fendii apologized to followers for the misleading video on his profile by sharing a press release on Instagram tales.

He wrote: “Imma go live afterward Tiktok and show to y’all I’m not dead I simply imply I received’t put up quotes no extra. I am likely to be happy in my TikTok & YouTube video however behind the camera life be anxious generally however I’ll by no means take my life away from my thoughts are too strong for that. I’ve so much to like for.”

In one other comment below his latest TikTok, which was shared after the demise hoax, the TikToker said: “Imma make it as much as y’all going live later on imma add y’all or we will FaceTime I’ll FaceTime all 500k followers if I’ve to.”



Fendii is a content creator and social media influencer primarily identified for his TikToks.

His clips on the platform have gone viral for the quotes he’s seen saying in them.

Most of his videos start with a feminine voice asking him a question or for the quote of the day. That’s when Fendii responds in his signature model.

He has over 553,000 followers on TikTok and his videos have accumulated more than 11 million likes.

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