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Who is Dieunerst Collin? Kid From Side Eyes Meme Is Now A Football Champion

Dieunerst Collin

Who is Dieunerst Collin? Kid From Side Eyes Meme Is Now A Football Champion The kid, who was as soon as popular for the vast side-eyed expression in Popeye’s meme, is now unrecognizable and is a state football champion. 

Dieunerst Collin gained fame on social media in 2013 after Vine shared a video of him standing on the Popeyes. When the video appeared, Collin was mistaken for one more viral boy often known as Lil Terio. After Collin gave a hilarious expression after being mistaken for another person, his video went viral and got over 19 million views. His ‘side-eyes’ went viral and have become a preferred face within the meme industry.

Who is Dieunerst Collin

Nevertheless, the lucky mistake resulted in Collin gaining worldwide fame and earned him the identity ‘Popeyes child’ ever since. People laughed at the hilarious interaction between Collin and the one that shot the video. Based on Fox 8, earlier than the Vine app was discontinued in 2017, the video acquired more than 19 million views and the screenshot of the expression of the boy is popularly used even in the present day. 


That isn’t it, the boy’s expression can be transformed right into a GIF which was often utilized in commercials. Nevertheless, the meme was recorded eight years in the past and the child is now a 6 foot 1 grown-up boy. He has lately turned out to be a high school football state champion in New Jersey. 


Popularly often known as ‘The Killer Whale’ in his team, Collin is a participant of the group of East Orange High School, which was in a position to win the New Jersey state title in triple additional time. The meme-famous boy’s put up on Twitter saying his win did not go unnoticed by his followers. He wrote, “STATE CHAMPS AND REGIONAL CHAMPS IT WAS A HONOR TO LEAD THIS OLINE THIS SEASON. SENIOR SZN HIGHLIGHTS COMING SOON.”  Sharing the champion’s trophy on Instagram, he wrote, “IMAGINE NOT BEING A STATE CHAMP: I CANT RELATE‼️”


Despite the fact that every little thing appears fine now, there was a time when Collin was bullied by his classmates when his video went viral. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he mentioned, “When it first occurred, I sort of felt sad about it. It was any person randomly recording me, and I’ve by no means been viral earlier than.” Further, he added, “I did get to a spot where it was like, ‘I do not know if I wish to exit any extra.’ However finally, things became easier.” 


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