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Who Is Caps Lock Faren? Maguad Siblings Actual Dead Body Photo On Twitter

Maguad Siblings

Who Is Caps Lock Faren? Maguad Siblings Actual Dead Body Photo On Twitter The Maguad Sibling incident has horrified the web after being brutally murdered at their very own home; Right here is the latest update about the homicide. 

A horrible incident in Cotabato that killed the Maguad siblings shocked the entire country and the web only a few days ago. Follow More Update On

In keeping with reports, a Cotabato teen sister and brother had been brutally slain in their very own home in broad daylight.

When the prime suspect was first being investigated, web users had quite a lot of theories about the main suspect.

After a number of days of meticulous investigation, the individual responsible for the heinous act has been identified.


Maguad Siblings Actual Dead Body Photo On Twitter

Attributable to privacy, the Maguad Sibling’s actual dead body photograph just isn’t revealed on Twitter. It’s unlawful to post such photos on the internet

The 2 youngsters’ merry days got here to an abrupt end on December 10, 2021, once they were brutally killed.

In broad daylight at 2 p.m., the horrible act befell in their very own home in Malang, North Cotabato, Philippines.

Mr. Maguad, the murdered siblings’ father, received a name at 2:58 p.m. from his son, a high school teacher.

He rushed in direction of his home after receiving a name from somebody telling him to return home as quickly as possible.

He witnessed one thing he might solely have imagined in his worst dreams.

The deceased’s father was bowled over when he noticed a massacre in his home.

In keeping with reports, he entered the residence by way of the rear entrance.

From the kitchen to the living room, he noticed his kids’ corpses.

Capslockfaren, a Twitter person, appears to be the culprit within the case of Maguad Siblings. However, the account of the guilty particular person is but to be verified.

Equally, the images of the lifeless bodies of teen siblings Crizzle and Crizzule have not been made public due to privacy concerns.

The Maguad Siblings have been buzzing all over the internet due to what occurred in broad daylight. 

This isn’t a difficulty of their house but the Philippines. 

What Happened To Maguad Siblings?

All of it occurred due to jealousy against the Maguad siblings. After six days of a thorough investigation, the case was reportedly closed.

The so-called “survivor of the crime,” “Janice,” the adopted child of the Maguad, was the main suspect.

She initially denied the crime and instructed investigators that a number of burglars had broken into the home and murdered the siblings.

After finishing the thorough investigation, it was revealed that Janice’s jealousy of the heinous act.

Janice was proved responsible on December 166 after admitting her crime.

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