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Who is Anastasia Karymova? Tycoon’s son murders girlfriend CCTV Full Video Explained!

Tycoon's son murders girlfriend

Who is Anastasia Karymova? Tycoon’s son murders girlfriend CCTV Full Video Explained! A terrifying moment was caught on a digital camera when a Russian tycoon’s son carried the dead body of his girlfriend, who was a physician, out of his building. The body was wrapped in a mattress. His suspicious exercise to eliminate his girlfriend’s body was captured on the building’s surveillance camera. It has been alleged that the suspect murdered his girlfriend after which he wrapped her in a mattress and carried her out of the building. The suspect doesn’t have a job and is the son of a building tycoon, Vadim Pasternakovich. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in  

Anastasia Karymova
23-year-old Anastasia was murdered by her boyfriend (Credit: East2West)

who is Anastasia Karymova

Anastasia Karymova, 23, reportedly went to fulfill her 27-year-old boyfriend Timur Pasternakovich at his flat within the Volganda district of Russia as a result of her wish to speak about their relationship. Nonetheless, the person murdered her brutally in line with the Russian Investigative Committee, the authorities who probe critical crimes. 


The investigators have knowledge that the person stabbed Anastasia after which hired a porter together with a truck to assist him to move the mattress with which he coated her body to his nation home. Within the footage launched by the investigators, Timur could be seen bending, again and again, to verify the macabre bundle to make sure it’s not coming aside once they reached the door of his apartment block. 

Russian Tycoon’s son murders girlfriend CCTV Full Video Explained

Timur could be seen ready because the porter brings the lorry nearer to the door. That is when a canine seems and sniffs the mattress, appearing to suspect that one thing was wrong with it. It was later discovered that the body of Anastasia was moved to a wood weekend cottage within the village of Lisitsyno. Later, Timur set the cottage on fire to make it appear that the lady had died within the fire


Regardless that Timur tried to flee from the scene, he was detained 4 days later and is charged with homicide. A criticism was lodged with the police by the lady’s dad and mom after she didn’t return dwelling after assembly the person she intended to marry. 

The Russian Investigative Committee stated, “Investigators and forensic experts established irrefutable evidence pointing to the involvement of the detainee within the homicide of the girl.” Regardless that her body was burnt within the fire and only ashes remained, the forensic crew was capable of showing that the stays discovered had been of Anastasia’s body.


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