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Who Is AlessiaVaesenn “Woman Breastfeeding Cat” Video Viral on Twitter

AlessiaVaesenn Breastfeeding Cat Video

Who Is AlessiaVaesenn “Woman Breastfeeding Cat” Video Viral on Twitter At the first of December, shock hit the internet when a woman was reportedly seen breastfeeding her cat on a Delta Airways flight.

The unidentified girl was flying from Syracuse to Atlanta when she began feeding her hairless feline, which was hidden under a blanket, on the airplane.  Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

It went viral after a message sent by way of the airline’s communications system was posted online that stated: “Passenger in 13A is breastfeeding a cat and won’t out cat again in a carrier when requested.”

Video footage of the incident was not taken, however, one of many flight attendants on the airplane took to TikTok to additional elaborate on what happened, saying:

“This girl had one of those, like, hairless cats swaddled up in a blanket so it seemed like a child… her shirt was up and he or she was trying to get the cat to latch and he or she wouldn’t put the cat again in the carrier.”

Now, somebody on TikTok has reenacted the real-life incident in a hilarious TikTok skit that’s had social media users in stitches.



A TikTok user known as @AlessiaVaesenn has had over 35 million views on a series of videos she posted through which she parodied the viral Delta Airways incident.

Within the four-part series, she re-created the second a woman was caught breastfeeding her cat on a flight and added a few of her personal hilarious details.

Within the first half, you can see a lady sitting next to the window breastfeeding her cat which is under a knitted blanket on her lap.

Woman Breastfeeding Cat Video

“Nevertheless it’s a cat. It’s not a toddler, it’s not a baby, it’s a cat. She’s breastfeeding a cat on the airplane,” a male passenger next to her explains to the flight attendant.

“Obviously I’m not breastfeeding a cat on the airplane,” she replies because the flight attendant insists it’s really a child under the blanket.

“She’s breastfeeding a cat… it’s a cat,” the person next to her hilariously repeats over and over.

After the first part gained 1.9 million views, the TikTok user-posted part two of the parody the place things get even funnier.

The lady continues to breastfeed the cat as the person gets much more disturbed and asks to move the seat.

The flight attendant then asks her to show them the baby which she refuses and says: “It’s a violation of my privateness.”

Within the third clip, which has had a staggering 15.3 million views, the parodied altercation between the passenger and girl continues.

“I’m 100% sure I noticed it. I noticed the cat. I’m a really understanding person, however, that’s crossing the road,” the man says.

The lady then hilariously calls him “allergy boy” and continues to disclaim that she’s breastfeeding a cat.

The ultimate half sees the girl lastly giving the flight attendant permission to take away the blanket.

“IT IS A CAT… I TOLD YOU” the passenger then shouts to which the girl hilariously replies: “It’s a lynx, not a cat. There’s a big difference.”

At the finish of the clip, the girl gets up out of her seat and also you see the fake cat’s face and scary eyes.

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