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Who Is @Adinaaa18 On TikTok? Viral Assault Video On Reddit, Twitter and Instagram, @Adinaaa18 Age and Bio


Who Is @Adinaaa18 On TikTok? Viral Assault Video On Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, @Adinaaa18 Age and Bio-On TikTok, @Adinaaa18 is at the moment trending after she was irritated by the 2 males while ready for public transportation.

@Adinaaa18 is a well-known TikTok star who got here in trending as a result of she was agitated by two males whereas ready for a train. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

TikTok is a social networking software that lets individuals showcase their abilities while additionally amusing others. Whereas some use TikTok to capture the actual incident.

Who Is @Adinaaa18 On TikTok?

The account user on TikTok as @Adinaaa18 is Adina the place she has shared videos together with her followers. She has 15.1k followers on TikTok.

She’s additionally known on TikTok for her visually beautiful movies. She has a big following. In terms of finding proficient individuals, TikTok has probably the most remarkable computations, and Adina is one of them.

Her attentive approaches draw a big number of individuals to her recordings, making her an entertainment powerhouse with a large following.



@adinaaaa18 Viral Assault Video On Reddit and Twitter

A video of a young girl and her roommate being bullied by two guys while ready for public transportation has gone popular on social media, garnering greater than 6.8 million views and 1.2 million likes.

While waiting for the Metro, Adina (@adinaaaa18) and her roommate have been catcalled and insulted by a group of males. The video was published on Tiktok by @adinaaa18, whose actual name is Adina, to focus on the men’s behavior.

As a substitute for leaving the women alone, the strangers persisted in interrogating them about their attitudes. They then made racial obscenities while making comments about how the ladies have been dressed.

Regardless of her repeated attempts to steer the lads to depart her alone, the males pursued the young woman and her roommate to their seats.

@adinaaa18 revealed within the video that the one person that intervened was a person who handed her a hoodie to put on on the train.

adinaaa18 posted a video explaining what transpired in her viral publish in further depth.

@adinaaa18 did not start recording till she heard the one man point out one thing to his pal about slapping her. When it was time to board the train, the 2 girls waited till the men had boarded one train car earlier than boarding the following, however, the males followed them.

In line with the Nationwide Sexual Violence Resource Center, 81% of ladies have had sexual assault encounters. One out of each 4 younger girls between the ages of 15 and 24 has experienced sexual violence.



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