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Where Can I watch Monster Anime Online, Where To Watch Monster Anime?


Where Can I Watch Monster Anime Online?

You can watch the Monster Anime series is available on the Netflix streaming service. It got the TV-MA rating. The non-Japanese watchers can understand using English subtitles. If you don’t have a Netflix option, then it is available on Hulu TV.  Monster is a manga series in Japan. It was illustrated and written by Naoki Urasawa. This was published between the year 1994 and 2001, where the chapters were reprinted into 18 Tankobon volumes.

How To Watch Monster Anime Online?


  • Initially sign in using a web browser.

  • Next sign in to your account using a web browser. 

  • After that open the Netflix app and select Sign In. 

  • Once you type the Netflix email or password, make sure you Sign In from the Web browser. 

  • You can use the computer or the mobile service.

  • Next, type the sign-in code shown on your TV.

  • Then tap the Enter Code to Continue.


  • First, choose the Live TV icon on the Hulu home screen in any of the assisted devices. 

  • Then you can use the live Guide to get the current and new shows, then choose the correct channel to watch. 

Monster Anime Series 

The story involves Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese surgeon who lives in Dusseldorf in Germany. His life gets into a dilemma when he gets involved in the Johan Liebert. Liebert is one of his former patients, who was finally known to be a serial killer. Urasawa got the first international acclaim and success for the Monster. Tenma treats twins Anna Liebert and Johan, who are twins. Doctors closer to Tenma are murdered and two children disappear.  Tenma was suspected by the Police. But the Police have no evidence against him.

After nine years, Tenma becomes the Chief of Surgery at Eisler Memorial. At one point, the Junkers warn Tenma for going closer to him. Tenma later finds the man having guns is Johan Liebert. He says he could not save the person, who had saved his life. Tenma is suspected by the Police. So Tenma tries to find more information about him. He finds the information about Anna who is named Nina by her foster parents. Tenma learns the origin of the monster. He knows about the atrocities made by the Monster. The rest is the story.

Monster Anime Series Trailer

Here is a fan-made trailer for Monster Anime Series 

Monster Anime Series Characters

S.No Monster Anime Series Characters
1 Kenzo Tenma
2 Johan Liebert
3 Anna Liebert
4 Inspector Lunge
5 Dieter
6 Eva Heinemann
7 Werner Weber
8 Director Heinemann
9 Dr. Oppenheim
10 Dr. Boyer
11 Dr. Becker
12 Detective Weisbach
13 Otto Heckel
14 “The Baby”
15 General Wolf

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