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What is ‘Who Want Smoke’ challenge? 50 students suspended over TikTok trend

Who Want Smoke challenge

What is ‘Who Want Smoke’ challenge? 50 students suspended over TikTok trend School officials have issued a warning over a brand new TikTok problem known as ‘Who Want Smoke’ after over 50 students had been reportedly suspended for pretending to carry weapons at school. In separate states, students in at the very least two schools participated in the online challenge inspired by Nardo Wick’s track “Who Want Smoke”.


What is ‘Who Want Smoke’ challenge

The viral problem, which has been widely condemned, entails folks holding up their telephones to the camera pretending as if it had been a gun. At West Creek High in Clarksville, greater than 50 students had been suspended for participating in the problem. 


Christian Williams, 17, informedClarksville Now that he enlisted lots of his schoolmates after he got here throughout the challenge while browsing social media. “I used to be in school and I used to be on my phone simply going through random Instagram stories. I noticed the trend on somebody’s page and I’m like, ‘Oh, we have to do that, we have to do that. We may most likely go viral for this,’” Williams stated. Earlier than Williams made the video non-public, it went viral and garnered nearly half one million likes on TikTok.


Who Want Smoke’ challenge Video

A day after the video was posted, Williams was known as into the principal’s office. He was informed that the video was towards the student code of conduct and {that a} parent had complained about it. “School administration referenced the CMCSS Pupil Code of Conduct offense ‘Different Conduct Warranting Discipline,'” the college’s director of communications, Jessica Goldberg, stated. “This contains ‘any conduct which is disruptive, harmful, harmful to the scholar or others, not in any other case specifically enumerated herein.” Everybody within the video was subsequently suspended, Williams, who’s a sophomore, stated. 


At Tinley Park HighSchooloutside of Chicago, in a separate incident, students reportedly satisfied lecturers and even principal Dr. Theresa Nolan to take part in the problem. “From what we perceive, they had been informed that they had been going to be in a video form of selling college spirit. They’d no clue that they might be made to look like they had been holding guns,” School district spokesperson Jamie Bonnema stated, in accordance withFox32. “They’d no clue that their phone was going for use like that. The video is edited fairly closely to make them look like a specific method. So utterly misled by a student ton the school. We had been extraordinarily disappointed after we saw this video.”


Bonnema added that everybody who was involved in the problem must face consequences. “It is being investigated. We’ve spoken to all of the folks involved. We’ve searched out out the specifics of what occurred,” she stated. 


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