The Umbrella Academy season 3 mid-credits scene

After watching season three of The Umbrella Academy, refrain from using the remote. You won't want to miss the mid-credits sequence at the conclusion! We'll talk about what that scene might imply for the future of the programme.

At the end of the season, Reginald Hargreeves and the remaining Sparrows succeed in changing the past, even if he nearly ends up killing everyone to further his evil plans.

Fill in somIn the end, the timeline is entirely reset, leaving the remaining family members in a weird new world without any powers at all. The good news is that everyone, even Luther, who was previously dead is now alive, and Five's missing arm and Diego's severed fingers both have full recovery.e text

The third season's bookend is created by the mid-credits sequence. In Seoul, South Korea's capital, on October 1, 1989, the third season opens with a flashback. In a matter of seconds, a young lady becomes pregnant and gives birth.

Ben Hargreeves can be seen reading a book on a metro car in the mid-credits sequence. They are currently pulling into Seoul's Yeuido Station, the announcer says. Therefore, we can infer that Ben is currently hunting for his birth mother.

In the previous reality, Harlan did murder all the mothers, but with the reset, it now looks that everyone who perished during that period will live again.

Although Ben no longer possesses his powers, it will be intriguing to watch what transpires during his new adventure to Seoul. Next season, will we follow him there? What could he find out?

When the camera zooms in on Ben, you can see a QR code next to him on the wall of the subway car if you look closely. Use the iPhone camera to scan it.