'Ms Marvel' Episode 2 Fan Review On Twitter

In Episode 2 titled ‘Crushed,’ Kamala (Iman Vellani) with the help of her friend Bruno (Matt Lintz) explores the source of her newfound powers just in time for a perilous adventure.

In the comics, Nakia Bahadir is the daughter of immigrants and she is a Turkish-American resident of Jersey City.

The two episodes of 'Ms Marvel' have so far introduced Nakia as a well-spoken activist who cares about her neighborhood and will do what she can to protect its women. She is smart, fearless, and a direct communicator.

In Episode 2, Kamala and Nakia go to the mosque where they are frustrated that the women can barely hear Sheikh Abdullah at the front as there is a division between men and women.

Men get to sit in front whereas women have to be content with less ideal spots in the back. Nakia is visibly upset about it and after a mention that nominations for the mosque board are still open, Kamala suggests that she should run for it. Nakia decides to take her best friend's advice.

In a pivotal scene, Kamala and Nakia have a conversation about the hijab. Nakia talks about her biracial parentage and how, throughout her life, people have questioned whether she is white or 'ethnic', which used to make her uncomfortable.

Twitter has praised Nakia and Kamala's conversation as well as the fair representation in the Marvel show.

The way Nakia described how her hijab makes her feel like herself is EXACTLY how I feel and I’m so happy that the hijab is finally being represented in this way #MsMarvel

"Episode two of #MsMarvel is genuinely great. So amazingly refreshing to see a proper Muslim superhero, proper representation.