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WATCH: Kazuki Takahashi found dead leaked Photos and videos Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit & youtube

Kazuki Takahashi found dead

WATCH: Kazuki Takahashi found dead leaked Photos and videos Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit & youtube The creator of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” manga comic and trading card game, Kazuki Takahashi, passed away on Friday, presumably while swimming in southwest Japan, according to the coast guard. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Kazuki Takahashi found dead

According to a representative of the Naha Coast Guard Nago station, the body of Takahashi, 60, was discovered floating on Wednesday around 330 yards off the coast of Okinawa.

The deceased was discovered face down and wearing a snorkelling mask by the coast guard and the fire department who arrived by boat and watercraft. The coast guard official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because their position forbade them from being quoted by name, said that he may have been dead for a day or two.

The official noted that although the body had evidence of having been attacked by a marine animal, possibly sharks, the cause of death was still being looked into.

Kazuki Takahashi found dead leaked Photos and videos

After authorities in another area of Okinawa alerted the coast guard on Thursday that a rental car had been discovered abandoned on a beach, Takahashi was found. A driver’s licence in the car served as identification. Kazuo was Takahashi’s actual first name. He was recognised by his relatives, according to the coast guard official.

“Yu-Gi-Oh!” made its debut in Shonen Jump magazine in 1996 and quickly gained popularity, selling more than 40 million copies of the manga even though there are billions of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in circulation worldwide.

Sales of the official card game began in 1999. The franchise also included toys and figures, a TV show, and video games.

On social media, there was an outpouring of grief.

Kazuki Takahashi found dead leaked Photos on Twitter

The American voice actor who performed the animation’s voiceover, Eric Stuart, expressed his sadness about the development.

“An incredibly gifted individual. Sensei, the Japanese word for “teacher,” “produced a character that would help define my voice acting career,” Stuart wrote on Twitter.

Online, fans from all around the world posted their cards and manga images. Some others mentioned that’s how they got interested in Japan. People talked about how the cards had facilitated their initial friendships.

Our sympathies are with his family and friends during this trying time, and we are incredibly grateful for the magnificent “Yu-Gi-Oh!” universe he built, wrote the London-based YuGiOhNews account on Twitter and on its official website.

“Yu-Gi-Oh!” evokes a unique world, according to Teimuraz Lezhava, the Georgian ambassador to Japan.

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