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Video: Who Is Ula Siekacz: Female MMA fighter badly beaten by man Video Explained!

Ula Siekacz

Video: Who Is Ula Siekacz: Female MMA fighter was beaten by man Video Explained! MMA followers have been left wondering how a controversial inter-gender fight had been sanctioned after it ended with a person pinning his female opponent down and repeatedly punching her exhausting within the head.

The referee was pressured to intervene with the lady unable to move or defend herself whereas the man rained down punches on her.

The bout was between female arm wrestler and health teacher Ula Siekacz, and wonder model ambassador Piotrek Muaboy who describes himself as “185cm of pure intercourse”.

Whereas Siekacz’s bulging biceps may need given the impression she would be capable to overpower her well-groomed opponent, the other proved to be the case as Muaboy won by TKO.

Female MMA fighter badly beaten by man Video

A video of the bout exhibits a reasonably tame opening to the second spherical, with neither fighter seemingly prepared to go in too hard on the other.


She charged low at her opponent however Muaboy was prepared for it, throwing his opponent to the ground and pinning her down.

At first, the feminine fighter tried to battle again by punching the top of his head, however, that simply seemed to rile him up and he responded by placing his knee on her torso and punching her hard within the face.


The referee was then fast to stop the battle, however, that did not stop individuals online from slamming the organizers of the event for allowing it to occur in the first place.

“How is that this sanctioned? That is horrific,” one Twitter user stated.

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