Home Top news Video: Friends taking DEAD friend from grave for one final motorbike ride

Video: Friends taking DEAD friend from grave for one final motorbike ride

friends taking DEAD friend from grave for one final motorbike ride

Video: Friends taking DEAD friend from the grave for one final motorbike ride Friends took their deceased good friend from his grave for one final, frightening motorbike ride. Erick Cedeno’s pals declare to have gotten his mother and father’s consent to exhume the 21-year-old’s body and take him on “another” bike journey before saying their goodbyes “as they need to.” Erick Cedeno’s pals claimed that his mother and father had granted them permission to take him out of his casket and execute the weird ritual throughout his Ecuadorian burial. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

Within the video, seven men encircle a bike because the lifeless body is positioned within the passenger seat, in keeping with reports by Dailymail. The video shared by Dailymail reveals clearly how the body drops over the again of the driver. His pals will be heard applauding and swinging their arms in joy.


One other man was seen tightly gripping the corpse in place earlier than the bike rode off. The guys said they wished to pay honor to their good friend and say their goodbyes “as they need to” with this bike voyage. They even sprayed alcoholic drinks over the coffin. The body was hanging out with its legs and arms unrestrained, as the crowd cheered. One other good friend or household of the dead sat with him inside his coffin, grieving his passing.

The incident occurred in Portoviejo’s El Florón neighborhood, an overcrowded residential area with 36 thousand underprivileged residents. The young individuals took the body out of the casket, which was clad in black slacks and a white shirt, between shoves. Others additionally appeared to mistreat the deceased’s physique in a varied way. Following that, they positioned it onto the bike so as to take it alongside the road.

Final Saturday, the 21-year-old had been shot and killed while on his way to a cherished one’s funeral. “That is the first time this has occurred within the metropolis,” police said, including that the exercise was “unusual and dangerous.” Not one of the persons who removed the body from the grave has been captured by authorities. There was no investigation into the prevalence since funerals are thought of as personal affairs. No complaints have been made because of the weird bike experience, which occurred the final weekend on November 29 in Ecuador’s Portoviejo area.

In various parts of the globe, digging up the dead is a typical follow that may be a type of remembrance or look after the deceased by relatives and friends. Households of Toraja, within the highlands of South Sulawesi, exhume the remains of their departed relatives and pals every year to reconcile with them on the Ma’nene festival. The stays of newborns and children are reportedly additionally dug as much as memorializing the three-day competition. Households uncover the coffins and let our bodies dry earlier than bathing, grooming, and adorning the mummies in new beautiful clothes and taking them on a tour via the hamlet.

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