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Video: Cat Pushes His Owner’s Elderly Dog Down the Stairs Viral Tik Tok Video Breaks Internet

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Video: Cat Pushes His Owner’s Elderly Dog Down the Stairs Viral Tik Tok Video Breaks Internet A cat landed himself an extended keep within the doghouse after he was filmed pushing his owner’s elderly dog down a flight of stairs.

Although there are all the time exceptions to the rule, it is usually the case that domesticated cats and dogs living aspect by aspect merely don’t get along. In accordance with Angie Bailey at Catster, the animosity could be traced again to the behavioral traits of the 2 species’ ancestors.

Cat Pushes Dog Down Stairs video

“Dogs are descendants of naturally social wolves, whereas cats’ ancestors are Arabian wildcats, who have been known primarily to be loners,” she explained. “Dogs have an instinct to chase small prey—particularly if it is fleeing. It is no secret that cats usually do not enjoy being chased, even when dogs view it as a game.”

She says that dogs have an “innate ‘in your face’ angle” and want to be your “speedy greatest pal” that contrasts with that of cats, who “tend to hold again and assess a situation earlier than extending their friendship.”


These traits might properly have performed a part within the dramatic scene that played out in a video posted to TikTok by Queefly.

Within the clip, a black and white cat by the title of Snickers could be seen ready on the top of a flight of carpeted stairs whereas an aged golden retriever called Bailey slowly makes her approach down the steps.

Snickers will not be content to attend for long although, with the scene taking an ugly flip simply seconds later when the cat takes a swipe on the unsteady and unsuspecting Bailey.

Cat Pushes Dog Down Stairs video Watch here

“Hey leave her alone,” the pet proprietor could be heard saying—but it’s too late.

Because the video reveals, only a single push of the paw to Bailey’s right hind leg is sufficient to ship the hapless hound sliding down the stairs, much to the audible shock of the dog’s owner.

Fortunately, Bailey escapes the push unscathed, slowly rising to her paws on the backside of the steps earlier than persevering with on with the rest of her day.

The video can be watched here.

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