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VIDEO: California Church Shooting Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit, Suspect & Victim Name Revealed!


VIDEO: California Church Shooting Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit, Suspect & Victim Name Revealed!, #VIDEO #California #Church #Shooting #Video #Viral #Social #Media #Twitter #Reddit #Suspect #Victim #Revealed Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

A shooting occurred in Laguna woods in a California church and 4 people are reported dead by the sheriff. According to the Sheriff, the shooting that occurred at the church led to one person’s death and 4 were reported injured. The orange county sheriff’s department declared in a Tweet that one person is dead on spot, three were critically injured and one suffered minor injuries. The incident occurred at Geneva Presbyterian church where there was an honor ceremony taking place for a former pastor from the Taiwanese Congregation. the shoot happened when there was a lunch reception taking place. A man came open firing at the church killing one persona and injuring 4 others critically. Follow Our website CmaTrends for the latest updates!!!!!

California Church Shooting Video

California Church Shooting Video

Police declared that there were only adult citizens in the church. The people who were in the church were almost from the Taiwanese community. Sheriff Jeff Hallock said that the man who shot the people was an Asian and was in his 60s. two shotguns were found at the crime scene, and he also said that the guy suspected is now under consideration. The police also said that there should be no fear to go and pray at the church as we have now taken the suspect under consideration. When the crime was happening, the other people who were brave enough tied the man’s hands and legs with an extension cord.

Who Is The Suspect?

And took away the two shotguns he had with him, said the sheriff. The men who were included in the shoot were from the age group, 66, 75, 82, and 92. there was also a woman aged 86. All of the people were aged and were in the church for prayers. sheriffs are saying that it was a hate crime and planned in its urge. The Mayor of the city came ahead and said they will try their best to protect the people and the Asian community.

California Church Shooting Victim Revealed

Though they might be feared at this stage, we all feel a little less protected these days, said Cynthia Conners in an interview with CNN. According to sources, investigations are going on to know more about the incident that occurred and the motive behind the incident occurred. Californian Governor also said that his condolences and thoughts are with the victims of the incident and also said that they are working closely with the local enforcement.


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