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Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch Notes, Know The Valorant Patch 4.03 Release Date, Leaks, And Patch Notes



Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows developed and published by Riot Games. In October 2019, the game was first announced under the codename Project A, then on April 7, 2020, it launched a closed beta period with limited access, followed by an official release on June 2, 2020. In 2014, the game’s development began. Valorant is a tactical shooter that borrows various concepts from the Counter-Strike series, including the buy menu, spray patterns, and inaccuracy when moving.

Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch 

Valorant is one of the well known and popular FPS shooter games. The game has a huge fan base. After hearing about the new Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch, the players want to know more about Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch Notes and what are the updates made in the Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch. Many players want to know about the release date of Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch. Continue the article to know more about Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch Notes. 

Valorant Patch 4.03 Release Date

Every Valorant fan is talking about Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch. Talking about the release date of the update, there was not any official announcement or confirmation from Riot Games regarding the Valorant Patch 4.03 Release Date. Riot Games did not confirm the release date of Valorant Patch 4.03 yet. Let’s see what updates and changes will be made in the new Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch. 

Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch Notes

Here is the complete list of all the Valorant Patch 4.03 Patch Notes are given below;

Agent updates 

Modes updates 

  • Deathmatch 

    • Removed and in some cases relocated “dangerous” spawn locations

    • Improved spawn logic and spawn placement to increase the likelihood that you will be facing each other players in an encounter

    • Spawning logic will now favor respawn locations farther away from where you are defeated

    • Fixed an issue where the Warm-Up Phase was not using spawn logic properly

    • Respawn Time Reduced: 3s >>> 1.5s

Social updates 

Performance updates 

Cosmetic updates 

  • Updates to the color of the tile used to display sprays in your Collections

  • You can now respray after a 5-second cooldown

  • Sprays now have lifetime duration of 15 seconds (reduced from 30 seconds)

    • Sprays still disappear immediately when the barrier drops (mid-round begins) and when the post-round phase begins

    • Same restrictions on mid-round sprays applies

Game systems updates

  • Added option to return to strongest weapon

  • You can now return to the strongest weapon when pressing the “Equip Last Used Item” key or when auto-equipping a weapon. 

  • To toggle ON, go to Settings >> Controls >> Equipment under “Prioritize Strongest Weapon.” 

  • This was released in 4.02 but did not make it into the patch notes. 

Esports features 


  • Agents 

    • Fixed a bug where Chamber’s Headhunter and Tour de Force could float away ● Fixed an exploit where, using specific line-ups, it was possible to see inside Viper’s ultimate without being affected by the nearsighted debuff 

    • Fixed a bug where Viper’s ultimate would sometimes fail to expand through doorways 

  • Social 

  • Performance 

Known issues

Valorant Gameplay

Players take on the role of one of several Agents, characters based on various countries and cultures from around the world. Players are assigned to either the attacking or defensive team in the primary game mode, with each team having five players. Agents have special powers that require charges, as well as a special ultimate ability that requires charging by kills, deaths, orbs, or objectives. Each game begins with a “traditional” handgun and one or more “signature ability” charges for each player. Other weapons and ability charges can be purchased through an in-game economy based on the previous round’s outcome, any kills the player is accountable for, and any objectives fulfilled. Valorant, set in the near future, is a first-person team-based shooter game. 



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