Home Entertainment Udaariyaan Written Update Episode 22nd Feb 2022: Jasmine Humiliates Virk Family

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode 22nd Feb 2022: Jasmine Humiliates Virk Family


The 22nd February 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be dramatic and overwhelming enough, that will definitely make you feel over the top. As Jasmine is ready to create a scene during the ceremony of Bojo and Simran’s wedding, meanwhile, Fateh mentions that happened what everyone feared. Jasmine dishonours everyone especially the entire family of Fateh by mentioning such inappropriate remarks about them, that how they destroyed her future while ruining the passport when she was going to leave the country, and at the same time, she slams Bojo and Simran as well while creating some obstacles.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode 22nd Feb 2022: Jasmine Humiliates Virk Family

Meanwhile, Fateh comes and tries to make her stop because he knows how she will go from there, and therefore, he also passes such remarks to her. But this time, Jasmine is not ready to step back as she came to know that Tejo and Fateh are going to plan something bug against her, and therefore, she is creating all this stuff so that, they could not get the time to reveal her real face in front of her. Maybe she has come to know that they got the lame death certificate of the person who has been claimed to be dead by the concerned authorities.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update & Episode

At the same time, Jasmine raises some questions on the character of Simran which makes everyone a bit ashamed because without any fumble Jasmine is alleging her, which is attracting an uncounted person. Even she dishonors the Virk family too by saying that if Simran does not have any fault so why they were denying her wedding till now. When Khunshbir Singh tries to answer Jasmine, she again interrupts everyone by saying that as far as she has concerned definitely something is wrong with Simran, therefore, no one was ready to marry her besides Bojo.

Then, Fateh comes to her and asks her to shut while throwing out from the wedding venue as she has said uncounted things against his family, but now it is enough. Meanwhile, Jasmine says that no matter what happens but she will not let him win at any cost. Hence, she decides to kidnap candy so that, they could not execute anything against her and she could trap them as well easily. Because she knows very well that Tejo and Fateh are the two who will never step back and prove the biggest thorn in her path. So watch it on colors at 07:00 PM and for more details tay tuned with us.


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