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Udaariyaan 7th December 2021 written update: really shocking

Udaariyaan 7th December 2021 written update This upcoming episode of Udariyaan is going to be really shocking as Fateh and Tejo’s lives are connecting to each other again, fate is trying again to rejoin them. And on the other hand, Jasmine is all ready to make Fateh’s life not less than hell. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in
In this episode, you’ll see Jasmine’s revenge for Fateh, as he has destroyed Jasmine’s life and now she has nowhere to go. But Fateh has also tried his best to do everything for Tejo.
All of this leads to Jasmine’s hatred for Fateh, she says that till now Fateh has only seen my love for him but now he’ll see my anger and hatred and how I will destroy him. Will this anger is going to destroy Fateh and Tejo’s love for each other?
Fateh has said to Buzo that he is dead to all of his family members and knowns. He tells Buzo that he’s enjoying in Canada with his wife(Jasmine) and he won’t be returning to India now. So Fateh is now leaving his family and going far away so that he can remove  all his guilt about Tejo.
This will lead to hit and miss of Tejo and Fateh, will they meet, do they still have feelings for each other all of this will be seen in the upcoming episodes.
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  1. jessu is a destructive girl but she has determination – can do whatever bad she wants to do. Let there be a spark – an incident – which makes her realize that she did not achieve anything by being bad – and decides to turn her negative energy into positive – becomes successful and goes to Cannadda on her own. Fateh lost everything including his wallet. He now wins a boxing game … and redeems himself, his family finds out and brings him back home…Tezo is joining a new job in one of Angad’s companies.. becomes successful and moves on – a flower which makes everyone happy and mesmerized with it’s beauty and fragrance but ultimately ……..


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