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Udaariyaan 6 December 2021 Written Update: shocking and interesting

Udaariyaan 6 December 2021 Written Update Udaariyaan’s this week’s episodes are going to be really shocking and interesting because Fateh and Tejo are going to hit and miss. Both are going to pass by each other but won’t be able to see, they’ll feel it and will be around each other. 
On one side where Fateh is regretting that how bad he has done with Tejo on the other side Fateh will see Jasmine’s hatred for himself. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in
A lot of drama is waiting for you in this episode, Jasmine has gone broke and her family has also refused her to stay in their house because of what happened to Tejo they won’t allow her to enter their house.
As we know Tejo has already gone so far from her family now Fateh is also going to be far and that’s where they will hit and miss each other.
Fateh has asked his family to make a promise that no one should know that he’s living in India but Buzo gets to know that Fateh is trying to do something fishy where his family thinks he is living with Jasmine but he’ll be living in India and regretting about Tejo. 
But fate is trying again to connect both Fateh and Tejo. So we are looking forward to what new turns are going to take in their lives when they will meet and how Jasmine’s hatred gonna hurt Fateh.
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