UDAARIYAAN 24 MAY 2022 WRITTEN UPDATE: UPCOMING TWIST Tanya starts the episode by presenting the Virks with their gifts. They’re all happy. Fateh is overjoyed to see his family happy. When he receives a message, he goes out to see Jasmine. Fateh tells Jasmine that her method succeeded and invites her inside. Jasmine refuses because seeing her will enrage his relatives. Fateh believes that seeing Jasmine standing outside the home must hurt Amrik’s soul, so he decides to persuade his family to welcome her. Jasmine expresses her want to speak with him. Fateh replies they can discuss it later. He takes Jasmine into the house. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in


Simran inquires about Tanya’s silence. Jasmine was scheduled to come, but she didn’t since she hadn’t woken up yet, according to Tanya. Gurpreet thinks it’s best if Jasmine stays away because she’s the one who killed Amrik. Gurpreet goes on to explain that she will never welcome Jasmine since she has no place in this house. This is heard by Fateh and Jasmine. Fateh promises Jasmine that this mansion is also hers and that he will return her home. There is jasmine leaves there. Fateh is going to pursue Jasmine when Biji calls to inquire about Tejo’s gifts.
Jasmine sobs as she recalls Gurpreet’s remarks. Does she claim that she can simply say no to her, but what about the kid growing inside her womb?

Fateh is performing some park joining. Tanya has also arrived. They are both taken aback when they see each other. Tanya and Fateh dispute. He claims Tejo isn’t involved in any of this. Tanya claims that it is not her concern because she does everything herself and cannot compromise her fitness. Fateh tells her that she must go there. Tanya responds to Tejo’s inquiry regarding when she will return to college. Find some excuses, Fateh says. Tanya claims Tejo enjoyed going to college, so she’ll have to come up with a convincing justification. Jasmine considers going to the doctor but is unsure how to do so alone. She is undecided about telling her parents. Rupy inquires about Tejo with Satti. Rupy is surprised when Satti reveals she went jogging. Tejo must have picked up this behavior while in London, according to Abhiraj. Rupy is relieved that she has developed a good habit. He asks Satti to make Tejo some juice.

Fateh promises to find a solution and instructs her to phone him instead of displaying her face if she wants to inquire. He inquires as to why she is unable to approach Jasmine. Tanya reacts angrily when she claims that Jasmine has changed after returning to India. Fateh promises to speak with her. Tejo is getting fresh orange juice from Rupy. Jasmine arrives to speak with Satti. The latter inquires about her willingness to consume juice. Rupy asks for a couple more fruits so he may create more juice, which irritates Jasmine. She claims that they are producing juice for a stranger and that they would give her some extra. There is jasmine leaves there. Jasmine enters her room, laughing. She claims she doesn’t exist for anyone in this family and that they just care about Tejo; they can’t even recognize her lookalike. She claims that Tejo’s doppelgänger met the same fate as Tejo. She has no place in anyone’s heart or in their home. She is concerned about her child’s treatment.

Fateh is told by Gurpreet to ponder about his and Tejo’s marriage. Fateh advises her to take her time. Sweety’s phone is returned to Fateh. Sweety claims that since returning from London, Jasmine has been crying without saying anything and acting strangely. She invites Fateh to join her. Fateh has stated that he will be arriving. Sweety inquires about what transpired and whether Jasmine’s family mentioned anything. Jasmine becomes enraged and tells her to leave. Fateh appears. Sweety tells Fateh to talk and then walks away. Jasmine, Fateh has arrived. He tells Jasmine to cry and let out her frustrations.

Jasmine claims she doesn’t want to cry and wants to resume her normal life. She regrets returning to India because no one cares if she is still alive. Fateh assures Jasmine that he is with her and would look after her. He claims that Amrik is his responsibility and that he is also responsible for her, thus he will let her into his home. He embraces Jasmine. The latter is upset. Tejo offers Jasmine comfort. Jasmine is told by Fateh to move on with her life. Jasmine expresses her desire to progress with him. Fateh still loves Tejo, Jasmine believes, but she is convinced that she can win his heart back. Because of her child, Jasmine believes she will be accepted into the Virks’ home.

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