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Udaariyaan 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update: remarriage


Udaariyaan 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update Blind love Fateh tells Jasmin that he’s changed into a thoughtful spender because he has already spent his life’s whole financial savings arranging a giant shock for her. She desires to know what shock is he planning. She tells that he didn’t give any trace about the surprise. He tells her that he can’t inform her of something as of now, she shall wait for 2 days after which she is going to obtain the shock earlier than their marriage. Jasmin can’t wait for 2 days. She wants to seek out some solution to attain his shock and know what’s it, that he invested his whole life savings.

Later, Satti speaks to Tejo and questions her about her sudden resolution of remarriage. She tells that Tejo was not keen to maneuver on, then how did she determine of marrying Angad. She provides that Tejo has agreed for getting engaged so quickly, it’s a call taken in haste. She desires to know the explanation. She doubts Tejo’s resolution. She asks how did she conform to marry Angad without taking time. Tejo worries that the household can know her plan to assist out Fateh and Jasmin. Fateh and Angad meet at the pub and share some drinks. They have a chat about their drunken states.

Fateh tells Angad that it’s his marriage with Jasmin after two days, he was blind in Jasmin’s love, and shortly he will probably be marrying Jasmin for that blind love. Angad cheers him and tells him that it’s his faux engagement along with his faux fiancee. Fateh is clued to know the reality of listening to Angad. Is Fateh completely unaware or is Angad a plan of Fateh’s real love chase for Tejo? The suspense is constructing as much as learn about Fateh’s big shock. Is Fateh’s blind love for Jasmin actually true or a giant shocker will get revealed in Jasmin’s marriage mandap? Will Fateh find yourself marrying Tejo, this time by his self-will and love confession? What do you suppose will occur next on this nail-biting thrilling drama? Keep reading.

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