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Udaariyaan 13 January 2022 Written Update: Big decision


Udaariyaan 13 January 2022 Written Update: Big decision Udaariyaan Latest Alert 13 January 2022 Ankit Gupta Isha Malviya: In the upcoming episode of Serial Udaariyan, Jasmine is going to get caught in the trouble of getting away from Tejo and Fateh. Along with this, a big decision is about to be taken in the show of Ankit Gupta, Isha Malviya, and Priyanka Chaudhary. Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

In the story of the TV serial Udaariyan, Jasmine has made Tejo’s life haraam. Tejo and Fateh are now getting closer. In such a situation, Jasmine has started showing her true colors to everyone. Jasmine is constantly playing some game or the other with Fateh and Tejo. Till now you have seen Ankit Gupta, Karan V Grover, Isha Malviya, and Priyanka Chaudhary starrer serial Udaariyan (Udaarian Latest Episode), Tejo and Fateh’s family is one. Celebrates Lohri together. Here Jasmine makes a lot of spectacles. Jasmine insults Tejo and Fateh a lot.

Udaariyaan 13 January 2022 Written Episode Update

After Jasmine’s ruckus, Tejo and Fateh go for a picnic. Here Tejo and Fateh get a chance to spend time together. Jasmine tries to sabotage Tejo and Fateh’s trip. Meanwhile, Jasmine is about to get into big trouble. In the upcoming episode of Serial Udariyaan Upcoming Episode you will see, Jasmine and Fateh will enjoy a picnic together. Tejo will start to understand that Fateh is pulling towards her.

On the other hand, Jasmine’s family will stand against her in the serial Udaariyan. Jasmine’s father will file a police complaint against her. After which the police will come into action. The police will put Jasmine behind the bars without delay. Jasmine will not understand what is happening to her.

Soon Jasmine will learn that her father has filed a police complaint against her. Knowing this, Jasmine’s blood will boil. Jasmine will try to harm Tejo. Fateh will understand that something is going on in Jasmine’s mind. In such a situation, Fateh will follow Jasmine. Because of Fateh, Jasmine will not be able to succeed in her plan.

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