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Udaariyaan 1 June 2022 Written Update: Upcoming Major Twist


Udaariyaan 1 June 2022 Written Update: Upcoming Major Twist Tejo, according to Jasmin, is not a small child; she knows everything, and you may ask her anything when she arrives. Rupy says, “You’re right; I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to Tejo.” Tejo Continues To Dance With The Ladies. She Becomes Tired. The Lady suggests that she take a break. Tanya receives a call from Jasmin. She claims that this girl isn’t responding. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Udaariyaan 1 June 2022 Written Update

Fateh is what she calls herself. She leaves an audio message for her. She claims that Lovely has seen Tanya going to Barnala, that she should go there and find out, that everything would be spoiled, that she should just go there and find out. He walks away. Jasmin declares, “I can’t let Tanya go; else, who will I entrust my child with?” Tejo isn’t at college, according to Abhiraj. Rupy dials Fateh’s number and inquires about Tejo.

Fateh claims she was away for college work, but she will return. He arrives at the bus stop and inquires about the Barnala bus. It’ll be here soon, says the man. Fateh examines the bus. Jasmin gives him a call. He inquires as to why you gave her the money so quickly. They are arguing. I’ll call Inspector Harsh and ask her, she says. Gurpreet asks Jasmin to look after him. Jasmin believes you are only concerned about this baby; I want Fateh, and I am concerned about Tanya. Tejo Can’t Be Irresponsible, Rupy Says. Satti claims that we should have taken Tejo to the doctor to see if she had lost her memory.

Udaariyaan 1 June 2022 Written Episode Update

Don’t Take Tension When Jasmin Says She’ll Be Coming. That Girl Isn’t Tejo, But Someone Else, Says Lovely. Buzo Approaches The Bus Stop And Inquires, “What Are You Doing Here?” I came to receive my Patiala-based friend, Fateh claims. Buzo invites him to tea, asks if he’s okay, why he’s worried and tells him to relax now that Tejo has arrived. Fateh claims that you are aware of Jasmin’s existence.

Buzo claims that I don’t believe her pregnancy, that she is putting on a show to gain access to your home, and that she is still thinking about you. Fateh ponders. If she isn’t Tejo, Jasmin wonders who she is. Lovely inquires as to when I said that. We’ll see, Rupy says, and everything will be fine. Our Family Doctor Confirmed That She Is Pregnant, according to Fateh. Buzo claims that you believe she truly loved Amrik. Fateh confirms that she was really happy and loved him. Buzo claims that she simply wanted to travel abroad and that when she went with him, she became pregnant. Fateh believes he is correct.

Tanya returns home. Lovely inquires, “Why did you go to Barnala?” Tanya says, “Stop it,” “I Went To The Library, Why Would I Go To Barnala?” “Perhaps you saw someone else,” Tanya says. Tejo, Lovely claims, would not have said this.

Bebe says to leave things alone since she is irritated. Tanya apologises, “I came from outside and you started this, and I became enraged.” Abhiraj, Lovely claims, had gone there. Tanya inquires, “Did He Consult The Librarian?” No, he says. She claims that I took the books and went to the café, but I’m not lying; my phone rang. I’d seen her myself, says Lovely.

Bebe inquires as to why she would lie and why she would go there. Tejo is sad as he walks. No one will talk about this now, Rupy says, so get back to work. Tanya enters her room. Jasmin beams. She believes Tanya has responded to Tayi Ji. Now, I must solve this mystery. Fateh receives a call from Jasmin. One Minute, Fateh Says It’s A Friend’s CallTanya, Jasmin claims, has returned home. Okay, he says. Tanya claims that she was saved today.

You were saved from Tayi Ji, according to Jasmin, but not me. Lovely is now doubting Tanya as she asks her why she spoke so badly. Tanya claims that you did not assist me. Jasmin claims that you did not go to the library, and that you went to Barnala for work.

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