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Hello gaptek friends.. On this occasion I will share information about the Latest Free Internet Way With the Latest Tri Card which I will explain in the article below.

Tri is a very famous operator with cheap package prices and fast internet so it is very popular, especially among students.

Indeed, many people are always looking for ways to get free internet, and I think many also do this to operators who provide cheap internet, because there are still many bugs.

And not a few people have succeeded in using tri free internet methods and tricks, so what’s the harm in trying, and anyone who can succeed.

How To Get Free Internet With The Original Tri Card Work

To get free internet with a tri card, you can try several ways as follows.

1. Using Opera Mini Browser

This is one way to use the Opera Mini browser, which can pave the way for your tri card error.

In rare cases, download Opera mini from the PlayStore (if you don’t have it). after the download is complete.

  • First enter the settings for your smartphone: Settings > Other networks > Mobile networks > Access point name > Press the plus sign (plus) to add tri APNs.
  • APN tri Name data name 3 GPRS . Then enter proxy, change prot to 8080 or 80, and write username 3gprs. Then skip the other settings and leave the default values ​​alone.
  • Then click Save.

Using Private Tunnel

Second, you can use the private tunnel in the following ways:

  • Go to PrivateTunnel.Com.
  • Then click Register, enter your email address and password in the registration field, and select the I accept the terms and conditions checkbox.
  • When registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of your account.
  • Open the email address that you used to register and click the confirmation link that appears.
  • In this case, login using the email address and password that you created earlier.
  • And don’t forget to check the box. I am not robot.
  • Then, the My Bookmarks menu will be displayed. Below is Subscription, Download and Support.
  • Then click on download view and later you will be automatically redirected to PlayStore and private tunnel will be downloaded.
  • Then, download and install private tunnel. If the installation process is complete, then open the private tunnel that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then, log back in, enter your email address and password, and click Login.
  • In this case, you will be asked to choose a server to use later.
  • After deciding which server to use, click the server name and then click.

You are now connected to the destination server and your internet quota is now 200 MB. If your quota has run out, you can get a free internet package with a new account.

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Thus my complete discussion about How to Get Free Internet With a Tri Card that I have discussed in this article, my friend can try it easily in the way I have described above.

Don’t forget to check my other articles only at ojogaptek.com because you will find various tips, tricks and other interesting applications and tutorials. Thank you.


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