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TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show 18th June 2022 Episode Kumar Sanu on Tkss

the kapil sharma show 18 june 2022

TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show 18th June 2022 Episode Kumar Sanu on Tkss Who does not know the Badshah of Sure, Kumar Sanu. The singer worked hard to make a mark in Bollywood. But this journey was not easy for him. Born on October 20, 1957, in Kolkata, Kumar Sanu’s father Pashupati Bhattacharya was a musician. Singer Kumar Sanu started his career with the film ‘Aandhiyan’. But Kumar Sanu got real recognition from the film ‘Aashiqui’ in the year 1990. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

The Kapil Sharma Show 18th June 2022

The songs sung by Kumar Sanu in this movie became such a hit that the singer reached the pinnacle of success. He never looked back and gave his voice in more than 350 films. The magic of Kumar Sanu’s songs is such, that whoever listens, just keeps on listening. Today we are going to tell you the story of Kumar Sanu’s life when he sang the song at gunpoint.

Actually, once singer Kumar Sanu had reached ‘The Kapil Sharma Show. During this, he shared some things related to his life. While narrating an anecdote, Kumar Sanu told that “Once I went to do a show in Patna. I sang some songs, which people liked very much. After this I saw, some people sitting in front with AK47 rifles and would fire whatever song they liked. There were already 6-7 holes in the tent. Ignoring all this, I sang the song ‘Main Duniya Bhula Dega’, and as soon as I started singing the second song, the gunmen came, and said who stopped the song. this is my favorite song. He was intoxicated. He told me Sanu Ji, recite this song to me, you have to sing this song for us. After hearing this I got scared, I said brother, I am singing another song for you.

The Kapil Sharma Show 18th June 2022 Full Episode

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