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TikTok Girl Decapitated: Who is Mayengg03? TikTok Girl Head Gets Chopped Off


Agory TikTok’s video titled “girl will get head chopped off” is going viral, prompting reactions from folks across social media platforms. Some individuals are calling it a “girl in a bathroom video.” Follow More Update On Newsminatii.in

There are some indications it’s a person, although

Who is Mayengg03

TikTok person Mayenggo3 initially shared the video, in keeping with social media users who noticed it, however not a lot is thought in regards to the folks within the video or the original user who shared it.

Heavy did acquire some clues by having the video translated.

Some folks on social media who’ve seen the video claim it reveals a cartel executing a lady in a toilet or shower, however the murderers don’t reference cartels in the video. The page the place the video was initially shared has been set to private; it solely has just a few followers and a black ribbon on the profile.

Twitter users have shared warnings in regards to the video, which showed a girl dancing earlier than two men cutting a person’s head off.

TikTok Girl Head Gets Chopped Off Video

The video begins out as a dancing video then abruptly switches to a lengthy gory scene in a toilet. Multiple men is concerned about beheading the particular person within the video, and they’re speaking Spanish. It’s not clear whether or not the girl who was proven dancing is similar to the girl who’s beheaded and is even female in any respect; their clothes are totally different. The person whose head is being chopped off is carrying patterned shorts and a blue shirt, and the dancing lady is wearing a cropped black tank high and white shorts. A website known as PsychoDuck.internet preserved the full video.

Heavy had a fluent Spanish speaker, Juan D. Sanchez, translate the conversation within the video as a result of two males are speaking in Spanish as they behead what’s believed on social media to be a lady or lady. He stated it’s possible the victim was truly a male because the killers referred to the victim as “puto,” which is a word used to seek advice from males (puta can be the word for a female.) “Puto is the masculine type of the multi-functional Spanish puta, which means ‘prostitute.’ It’s used as a slur towards people who are homosexual and an insult to anybody perceived as weak or contemptible,”

Contrary to stories on social media, he stated the boys don’t seek advice from a cartel. He stated they stated, “That is what’s going to occur to all sons of bitc***, sh**. Just like this whore, Pillo.”

He stated Pillo is a name used for a male.

He stated their accent indicated they’re from Mexico. Our translator told us, “Pillo is a common nickname for somebody named Guadalupe, Lupe, or Lupillo. The accents and the best way they stress a number of the words lead me to believe they’re from the Guanajuato or Jalisco area.” Guanajuato is a state and metropolis in central Mexico. In 2020, the Los Angeles Times reported that drug cartel wars had reworked Guanajuato into certainly one of Mexico’s “deadliest states.” Jalisco is a Mexican state that has additionally been ripped aside by cartel violence.

It is a screenshot from the video with the victim’s face blurred out:

The video cuts from the scene of the girl or lady dancing to showing a person with gloved hands slowly and systematically reducing off a sufferer’s head with a knife in what seems to be a bathroom.


“For those who see this video on TikTok or something like that, please DO NOT by whatever means, click on it. it is a video of a girl who’s dancing, and within the video, she will get her head chopped off, so please don’t watch this video. Keep safe everybody,” one Twitter user warned.

The video seems to have been deleted from TikTok, however conversations about it are nonetheless raging on Twitter.

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