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The Love Hypothesis Age Rating, Parents Guide, And More Details About The Book The Love Hypothesis


The Love Hypothesis Age Rating

The Love Hypothesis is the New York Times bestselling novel written by Ali Hazelwood. She’s also a peer-reviewed author of essays about brain research in which no one knows what’s going on and the happily ever after isn’t necessarily pleasant. She was born in Italy and raised in Germany and Japan before relocating to the United States to seek a Ph.D. in neuroscience. She has recently been appointed as a professor, which she finds terrifying. When a fake relationship between two scientists collides with the irresistible pull of attraction, one woman’s carefully calibrated beliefs on love are thrown into madness.

The Love Hypothesis age rating is definitely rated for people above the age of 18, preferably above 21. It is not for people below the age of 12. Because even though the story might seem like a relationship between a professor and a student, which is professionally inappropriate, it does have one intense and intimate scene between the two. This is not appreciable for young teens to read and get a wrong idea on the whole situation.

The Love Hypothesis Parents Guide

The story is definitely about having a fake relationship with the wrong person at the wrong time. Yes, it is a popular book and many people love it for the lead character Olivia, who is a Ph.D. student, which every nerd out there will love. She fakes a kiss with her hot professor to prove her point that love is not real. She ultimately faces all the trouble thereafter. Some readers also added that there is one sex scene between the two of them which is really intense, and there are some sexual harassment scenes that Olivia goes through, which might disturb some young readers. So if you are thinking of recommending this book to someone, do accordingly.

The Love Hypothesis Reviews


  • The writing of the book is really good and it keeps the audience really engaging and does not make the readers tired at any point.

  • Had many cute love scenes, and strong friendships throughout the story.

  • This will definitely be a pleasure to all the nerds out there and if you love romantic stories, then it will be an added treat.

  • Another main thing is that, if you love a cold, and hard male character, then add this to your reading list. The male lead, Adam is regarded as obnoxious and uncaring. He is harsh with his graduate students because he wants them to achieve. He’s incredibly attractive, caring, and protective of the people he cares about. He’s witty, flirty, charming, and everything. And there’s a scene where he focuses solely on taking care of her. He values consent and comfort so much that the entire sequence was him making sure she was okay.

  • Throughout the plot, there are also bigger concerns at play, including the #MeToo movement. Everyone was treated with care and respect.


  • The whole Professor and student love story felt inappropriate for many readers since it is not an appreciable thing to do in a professional space.

  • Some readers felt like Olive went through sexual harassment in some scenes.

  • And some hated the story for its popularity, and nothing else.

  • The romance became more unrealistic and less credible as a result of these quarrels.

The Love Hypothesis Plot Synopsis

Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. candidate, does not believe in long-term sexual partnerships, but her best friend does, which is how she ended up in this scenario. Scientists need proof, so persuading Anh that Olive is on her path to a happily ever after was always going to be difficult. Olive panics and kisses the first man she sees, as any self-respecting lady would.

Adam Carlsen, a young hotshot professor, and well-known ass is the man in question. This is why Olive is astounded when he offers to be her fake boyfriend and keep her face a secret. However, when a major research meeting goes awry and Adam shocks her with his unwavering support (and his unwavering abs), their little experiment feels dangerously near to exploding. Olive soon realizes that placing her own heart under the microscope is the only thing more difficult than a love hypothesis.

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