Home News Storm Franklin sees shops & stations FLOODED as thousands still without power

Storm Franklin sees shops & stations FLOODED as thousands still without power


Family left without power for days

Thousands of families across the UK remained without power on Monday, days after Storm Eunice’s gale-force winds toppled power lines and cut off their supply.

In the village of Oldbury, in Kent’s Ightham, multiple households have been without electricity since Friday when high winds knocked over seven trees, which pulled down power lines.

The fallen trees are in the garden of David Thomas, 56, who said he, his wife and children heard an “enormous crash” at around 11am on Friday.

Energy crews in high-visibility jackets were working in Mr Thomas’s garden to cut up the uprooted trees and hoist the wires back up to reconnect them to the network. They expected power to be restored by the evening.

Mr Thomas said: “We always knew that, once they arrived, it would take two days.”

He said it was “a little bit frustrating” but “understandable” that the power company had prioritised getting the hundreds of houses in the village up and running before tackling their “isolated problem”.

He was glad the trees had not fallen towards the house.

“The power going out was awful for everybody but it’s better than the house being wrecked,” he said.


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