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SSK Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 23rd February 2022 Written Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 is now turning piping hot in the terms of drama because now the story of the show tells something more dramatic which was totally unexpected from the very beginning of the week. So, far we watched that after returning from the brothel Aditi ties the knot with Mayank but then at the time of wedding farewell Aditi faints, and the most amazing thing that shaken everyone is, everyone finds that Aditi is pregnant. However, Simar tries to keep the baby while everyone in the family says that Aditi has to abort the child, meanwhile, Gajendra takes his gun out and points it towards Aditi saying that she has to die.

Sasural Simar Ka

So, the latest episode of SSK 2 begins with, Aarav talking to the police commissioner asking for any update, he replies that they are trying their best to get updates so he should not be worried and keep trust in them. Meanwhile, Aditi sees the clip of Mayank saying that she knows it very well that Gagan loves her too much and he will not let anything happen wrong with her until he dies, because he loves his child too.

Simar keeps her hand on her shoulder saying that Bhai loves her too much, Aditi says “but they will not leave him alive”. She starts crying, saying that they will kill her’s Gagan, she folds her hand and says “please save him”. Simar says her to keep calm and just pray because God will save him and show them the right path.

On the other side, Aarav meets the Inspector and tells him that their Badi Maa got kidnapped a few hours ago, Simar calls Gajendra and says that she knows, but Gajendra hangs up the call saying that he does not have much time to hear her nonsense talk. Meanwhile, Inspector says that Geetanjali Devi is near the temple, Gajendra then looks at Simar and says “who will save your brother now”? Simar then scares and thinks that she has to reach the temple before they all get there and something happens.

Raj then tells Gajendra that police is everywhere and if he does anything then the entire scene will turn. Gajendra as usual says that he does not care if there is a police or army all he wants to punish the guy who played with their sentiments and ruined their image. The episode ends here stay connected to know if Gagan be died or not.


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