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SSK Sasural Simar Ka 2 Episode 25th February 2022 WU Who Shot Gajendra


In the latest episode of Sasural simar ka, there will be some more level up kind of drama because as you all know that the makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to make it way more interesting as compared before and just to keep the grip on the audience the writers of the show are putting all their efforts to turn the story that does not even have any relation. Well, in the previous episode of the show we watched how Gagan tries to defend himself by kidnapping Badi Maa and when Gajendra gets to know about this, he pulls the trigger towards Gagan.


So the latest episode begins with, Simar coming to Raj who is crying badly she says that he has stopped breathing, a shocked Simar says that he has left us. Everyone there gets shocked, Geetanjali screams No… she then says that her son can’t leave her like this, everyone needs him. Sandhya faints, Geetanjali then says that she will not let anything happen to her son. Simar says that they have to call the doctor, Aarav makes a call to the Doctor. They then enter the hospital, Aarav says that he will not let anything happen to anyone and Badi Maa will be fine soon. Doctors there check Gajendra’s Pulse and say that he is no more, Everyone gets shocked. Geetanjali screams, Aarav in shock crying says “Please open your eyes papa”.

Aarav cries, Simar tries to consoles him, he says that his dad made a promise that he will never leave him alone so how can he now leave him. There, Chitra asks Raj if anyone saw him, he replies that no one saw him because he first followed Gajendra and then heard Badi Maa, and just by keeping an eye on the right moment he did it. He says that Gagan saw him and then he pulled the trigger towards him and shot Gajendra and it is all blamed on Gagan now. Chitra smiles and says that this is the best thing he had done so far, she then says him to control his feelings and continue to pretend because everyone is watitng outside.

As Simar said doctors give him CPR, the doctor does the same. Meanwhile, Aarav recalls the time with Gajendra, Simar recalls the time when he said her that he will fix everything, she then goes to the temple and prays. Well, now watching this is going to be so amazing that will Gajendra be alive or not.


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