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‘SNL’ Goes Full Bathroom Humor With Depp-Heard Trial Feces In The Bed Allegation

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“Saturday Night Live” went full bathroom humor this weekend, airing the metaphorical (and potentially literal) dirty laundry of Amber Heard’s alleged defecation in the bed incident highlighted during her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial against her. 

The cold open started with Nicole Wallace (Kate McKinnon) in a mock MSNBC segment in which she admits with a war in Europe and a baby formula shortage, the trial isn’t the most “pertinent” news but “Isn’t it nice to have a news story that we call all collectively watch and say “Ugh, glad it ain’t me.”

The sketch then moves to the courtroom where Depp’s lawyer (Aidy Bryant) claims they had discovered surveillance footage of the ex-couple’s house staff finding Heard’s feces in their bed.

Heard’s attorney (Heidi Gardner) objects to the showing of the tapes, saying the footage still wouldn’t prove it was Heard who had pooped in the bed. 

“That’s true but I’ll allow it,” Judge Penny Azcarte (Cecily Strong) overrules, “because it does sound fun and this trial is for fun.” 

Bryant then plays the footage, which showed a man Depp (Kyle Mooney) says was his property manager (Kenan Thompson) walking into the bedroom while on his phone.


“Yeah, man, you know she cut that joker’s finger off, right?” Thompson says into the phone in the fake footage. “Hold on a sec,” he tells the person on the other end of the line, sniffing. “Damn, it smells like boo boo in here. It’s coming from this bed.”

He lifts up the sheets. “Ah, hell no! That’s a boo boo!” 

Bryant pauses the video and triumphantly walks across the courtroom. “And there you have it. They found the dookie.”

Strong overrules another objection from Heard’s attorney, saying she’d like to continue watching the footage, “because it’s funny.” 

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