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Snake Island Ukraine Soldiers Video Shows Russian Warship Go F Yourself – Final Words Before 13 Troops Killed


WATCH: Snake Island Ukraine Soldiers Video Shows Russian Warship Go F Yourself – Final Words Before 13 Troops Killed: A video is being shared on different social media platforms on a large scale by the netizens in which Ukrainian soldiers can be seen saying to Russians “Go F**k yourselves” and later shot down to death by the Russians. Since this video broke out on the web it has been viewed by millions of people and is being shared on a large scale. This video is pulling everyone’s attention toward itself if you don’t have watched the video yet then you should read down the page to learn about this incident in which some Ukrainian brave soldiers chose not to surrender to the Russians. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Russian Warship Go F Yourself Video

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Snake Island Ukraine Soldiers Video

As everyone knows about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia which led to putting world peace at risk and recently an incident has been reported from Snake Island in which some brave soldiers of Ukraine handed off their lives as they were not agreed to surrender in front of Russians. This incident is a matter of a small island in the Black Sea near Romania. Keep reading this article as you will get to read what was happened between Ukrainian and Russian soldiers at Snake Island.

Russian Warship Go F Yourself Video

People worldwide are applauding the bravery of soldiers who were deployed at Snake Island and many are also supporting the brave soldiers of Ukraine for not giving up. Currently, a video is creating a buzz on social media that is containing the voice recording of a brave soldier of Ukraine who can be heard saying “Go F**k yourself” to the Russian warship when they ordered the Ukrainian soldiers to put down their weapons and surrender.

The heroic reply and bravery of the soldiers are being appreciated by the supporters of Ukraine country. Read down the further section to know why Russians shot them to death and what was the conversation between Russians and Ukrainian soldiers before the shooting range.

Final Words Before 13 Troops Killed Video

As we have got to know from the reports, Russian soldiers called the guards and expressed themselves as a Russian Warship, and Russians also gave a final warning to the Ukrainian soldiers to surrender or they would start firing at them but the brave soldiers of Ukraine decided not to surrender and gave them a reply which we have discussed above. Soon all the deployed soldiers of Ukraine on Snake Island were killed by Russians. Volodymyr Zelensky who is the president of Ukraine acknowledged the incident and stated “defending it to the last and our all border guards died heroically on our Zmiinyi Island but did not surrender”.

How was the first day when Russia attacked Ukraine, an experience was shared by a journalist who was present in Ukraine when Russia started an attack on Ukraine? As per a report that came from Ukraine and according to a person who was in Ukraine when Russia attacked Ukraine. After the attack, it changed everything in Ukraine according to the person. When the Russian army did attack, the blasts shook the walls, illuminated rooms, and even through thick curtains and jolted him up. A reporter from Ukraine presented his experience of what he felt when Russian troops attacked Ukraine. The reporter said there is no mistaking the rumble and blinding flash of an airstrike when it explore in the still, early morning of 24th of February on Thursday. When a series of three of four Russian cruise missiles attacked a military airfield just 2,000 feet from where he was struggling to sleep in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk.

This is not a prediction by someone, who lives in another country and wrote and said as per his mindset, that a country is facing war problem and how is the country people are feeling. This is a true experience shared by a reporter who was present when Russian troops started to attack Ukraine. Rather than the above speech he said after that, ‘ with more than 150,000 of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s troops surrounding Ukraine and threatening to invade at any moment, it seemed like 40 million Ukrainians, as well dozen of journalists staying at his three-star hotel, were scared sleepless.

it is not just an experience of a journalist but it was the actual fear of every Ukrainian who was in Ukraine at that time when Russians began to blast on Ukraine in the early morning of Thursday. according to him at 4;36 a.m Kyiv time, he received a text from Alexander Vindman, retired army US Army lieutenant colonel who was the director for European Affairs for the National Security Council. he asked him if he is ok. reporter reply, yeah, Quiet here in Kramatorsk, he said laid to him on his bad. here we want to show you if a country faces a problem like a war, it does matter who won it but before it how it impacts on normal citizens of a country. so every supreme authority should think about these people. in this young children have to suffer more than anyone else.


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