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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Oswal Family Celebrates Holi


Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Oswal Family Celebrates Holi

In the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2, you will watch Badi Maa talking to Maharaj Ji and all there telling them that Gajendra’s favorite fest includes Holika and Dhulendi and she wants her son to be super happy on this auspicious time. Everyone says to her that she should not be worried and they will take care of everything, Badi Maa then says to Maharaj Ji that he should make all the arrangements for the day, he nods. Meanwhile, Sandhya assures her that they will set everything and that too more than her expectations.


Geetanjali then says to her that she will not bear any single mistake there at the time of Holika Dahan, she replies that she should drink some water and not be worried and says her to come at the scheduled time and she will not let her be sad after the arrangements. Reema assures her that she will do everything that will be said to her. Badi Maa then looks at her and asks if her mother has not taught her about the dishes for the fest. She replies that her mother taught her about making Gujiya and other sweet dishes that are common and mandatory on Holi. Simar there says that “Maa taught us so many things, so she will take care of everything”.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Written Episode

Badi Maa says that in their house they do not celebrate the Holika Dahan with woods because burning woods cause cutting trees and they celebrate fest keeping an eye on the environment and says her to keep it close to her mind that the way celebrating fest of them should not be harmful to the environment. Simar says not to be worried because she will keep it all close to her mind and her ideas will not go against nature.

Simar then asks everyone to get the stuff, Simar raises her hand towards Badi Maa to get the list, but Badi Maa does not give it to her and she hands it over to Reema saying that Vivaan’s wife is her Bahu and she can’t trust any outsider. Reema says that she will handle everything, she starts reading the list. Meanwhile, Chitra gets to Reema and asks her if something is wrong with her because if she will be stuck in those chores then what will happen with her dream, Reema does not give a damn about her and she goes to Simar angrily asking her if her mother only taught her. The episode ends here, stay tuned for more updates.


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