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Roadies 18 19th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Who Vote Out From MTV Roadies 18 This Week?

Roadies 18 Today’s Episode 19th June 2022

Roadies 18 19th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Who Vote Out From MTV Roadies 18 This Week? If you watch Roadies and are aware of every contestant who was eliminated in the next round and who was going to win. Then you probably know a big change has been seen in the elimination round. The entire episode was around contestants planning and plotting about whom to vote out. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

MTV Roadies 2022 Elimination

The Roadies 18 19th June 2022 episode opens with the roadies exploring and having fun at their new campsite.

Simmi Talsania and Siddharth Manoj are made fun of by the roadies for going out together.

Baseer Ali and Soundous Moufakir both clarify their miscommunication in the meantime.

Hoop Hoop Hooray

The bodies then receive a new roadium duty, a basketball game, which is intended to strengthen the bonds between the buddy pairs and their partners.

While the other buddy pairs receive nothing, Kevin Almasifar-Moose Jattana, Baseer-Soun, and Nandini G.-Ashish Bhatia each receive 200 roadiums.

Sonu Sood later meets the roadies at the site of their upcoming work, a trampoline park.

Ball Baby Ball task

They are told by Sonu Sood that the buddy pairings would be split into two teams, with the team that isn’t chosen to be in danger.

Kevin-Moose, Baseer-Soun, and Gaurav Alugh-Simi make up Team A, while Ashish-Nandu, Jashwanth Bopanna, Arushi Dutta, and Sohil Jhuti-Sid make up Team B.

leaving They are still in danger: Yukti Arora and Arsh Wahi.

Who Vote Out From MTV Roadies 18 This Week

They learn that they will be playing dodge ball while jumping on the trampoline from Sonu as he goes over the guidelines and rules.

Team B leads Team A by 11 points after the first round, scoring just 5 points.

In the second, Team B is in the lead once more with 11 points to Team A’s 7.

They learn from Sonu that team B won since their overall score after all rounds were 42 whereas team A’s was 25, making team B the victor.

Team B is congratulated by Sonu, who also informs them that Ashish and Nandu, the immune pair, have won 1000 roadiums.

However, Sid-Sohil will receive immunity while Arushi-Jash will receive 1000 roadiums.

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