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PUBG may become even more realistic in the coming days


AI is ubiquitous and Krafton is taking advantage of these modern technologies to enhance gamers’ experience. PUBG developer in a recent announcement said that it is working on building the technology to create CGI actors that will look close to real people. Also Read – Best Free Fire alternatives in India in 2022: Free Fire Max, BGMI, PUBG New State, more

The developer cited that these CGI actors aka ‘virtual humans’ will be able to “convey deeply-expressive and nuanced emotions.” Krafton recently released a cinematic trailer that showed off a preview of this technology. Although it’s still in its nascent stage and far from being perfect, reports suggest that ‘virtual humans’ might debut in Krafton’s upcoming RPG project Windless. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8.5 update brings Santorini map, Jujutsu Kaisen characters, rewards, and more

Talking about using NPCs, Krafton (as quoted by PCGamesN) plans to use “hyper-realism technology to create a digital character barely distinguishable from the real world”. The technology is said to be applied to a variety of projects as well. As per the outlet, the PUBG developer is looking to create virtual celebrities like esports personalities, influencers, singers, and even ‘aiming for players’ to be able to directly converse with these NPCs in the future. The video shared by Krafton shows the development of the ‘hyper-realism’ technology which is based on Unreal Engine and the developer’s proprietary technological solutions and motion capture. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming next to the infamous BR title. Also Read – New State Mobile February update: Check out all the new weapons added to the battle royale game

As reports speculate, it will take time for the technology to be implemented directly in a game, but given the PUBG player count skyrocketing following its freemium transition, Krafton has found the right time to drop the bomb and build excitement in the gaming community.


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