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PNP Calls Out Disinformation On Alleged Bodies


Missing Sabungeros Found Dead: PNP Calls Out Disinformation On Alleged Bodies: For the past few days, baseless rumors and disinformation were circulating on social media platforms regarding the dead bodies of Sabungeros as the disinformation was claiming that the bodes of cockfighters have been found somewhere by the Philippine National Police. But PNP took over the internet to address this issue and also to address the spread of disinformation among the people. Go down the page and continue reading the article till the last word to know what PNP said to halt the fake claim of some social media posts, here is everything to learn about this matter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Missing Sabungeros Found Dead

Missing Sabungeros Found Dead

On Friday PNP (Philippine National Police) responded to the rumors that have been circulating for the past few days regarding the human remains of cockfighters. According to the sources we have got to know that some social media posts and accounts claimed cockfighters that were missing for many days have been found dead in Rizal. And there were no base and reliable sources of the information for the claim however those posts were misguiding the people by using some photos of the PNP officers of another case. But PNP could not lead those rumors to fly in the air anymore as PNP responded to the matter and released an official statement and also warned the spreader of fake news.

Recently, PNP released a statement and claimed the circulating posts that were claiming the dead bodies have been found in Rizal was a shot to derail the investigation and the official statement reads as “The Philippine National Police abhor this action of disinformation that add to deceive the police investigators who are concentrating on finding out the reality behind the case of missing cockfighters and also serves to the suffering of the families of the missing cock fight gamers”. Continue reading this article to get more on this matter.

The fake post that was claiming the same as above was of PNP SOCO personnel examining a crime scene that had several bodies but the post was promising that the human bodies were in the pictures were of cockfighters found in Tanay that were missing for many days but PNP made it clear that those images were captured during the investigation into an ambush case that was happened on 12th Feb 2022 in Guindulungan, Maguindanao in which 9 humans lost their lives and three got severe injuries. And the source of the disinformation will be traced soon.


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