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Movii Money Making Application, Is It Safe And Paying? – Hyd News


poskabarmedia.com – On this occasion the admin will discuss Movii Money Making App. The application is indeed viral on social media recently. So the admin is interested in discussing it.

There are many types of money-making platforms on the Internet. However, most of these platforms are not proven to pay or are fraudulent.

This makes many people hesitate to try the latest money making apk. One of them is the Movii application which has recently gone viral.

So how does Movii Money Generator work? And is the application safe and proven to pay? Instead of being curious, let’s look at the following reviews.

Movii Money Making Apk

The Movii app is a platform that provides free balances to its users. The platform is often referred to as a “Money Making App” by netizens.

To earn money from the Movii application is very easy. You only need to watch the Trailler video 2 times.

That way you will get as much as Rp. 12,000 (twelve thousand rupiah). However, this only applies to new users.

Movii Money Making Application, Is It Safe And Paying?

In addition, you can also invite friends to get additional balance. In the movii application, you have to invite 10 friends to get Rp. 100,000 (one hundred thousand rupiah).

How? Very tempting offer is not it? So how do you register the movii application? Here is the tutorial.

How to Register the Movii Application

Movii Money Making App

  1. First, download the Movii Application via the following link: idrmmb.moviitech.com
  2. Then install and open the application
  3. Fill in the registration form with Username and Full Name
  4. Then enter the Email Address along with the OTP Code
  5. After that enter the Phone Number and create a password
  6. Confirm the password you have created
  7. Enter the invitation code if any
  8. Put a tick on the Term & Conditions permit or Terms and Conditions
  9. If you have, click Sign Up/Register and wait a while
  10. Finished

Well, that’s how to register movii applications. Easy isn’t it?

Is the App Safe and Paying?

For now the Movii application is still not safe. And of course there is also no evidence that the Movii Apk has been proven to pay. Therefore you have to be careful when using the movii application.


That’s the information from the admin about Movii Money Making Apk. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting Poskabarmedia.com.


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