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Miss Rwanda 2022 Voting, How To Vote, Results, Contestants And More


Miss Rwanda 2022 Voting Results

Miss Rwanda 2022 has already begun and seventy delegates have passed nationwide auditions that took place throughout the past 3 weeks. Each of these 70 contestants has caught a number that the people will refer to when voting for them. The voting ends on 26th February. Then the preselection will be held. The preselection decides the Top 20 that will advance to the boot camp with 2 contestants with the highest number of votes guaranteed automatic tickets to the boot camp. Kigali has recorded the highest representation with 29 contestants, and Eastern Province follows them, which has 14 representatives while each of Northern, Western and Southern Provinces has 9 apiece. The Miss Rwanda 2022 Results will be revealed after the voting process is over.

Miss Rwanda 2022 Voting Online

The voting for Miss Rwanda 2022 contestants was opened to the public. It started on February 16 night at 23:55 PM. Guidelines on how to vote the contestants have been all over social media since the poll was announced. The voting this year is done through a USSD code. This is how it is done.

  • Use USSD code *544*1*[contestant number]#. 

  • Note that the charge for 1 vote is Rwf 100, Rwf 500 for 5 votes, and Rwf 1000 for 10 votes. 

  • There is another option to vote online. You can vote online at www.igihe.com

  • Or you can vote just by scanning the QR codes on the contestants’ posts.

Miss Rwanda 2022 Contestants

Here are the top 70 contestants of Miss Rwanda 2022.

  • Ashimwe Michelle

  • Bagiriteto Aliane

  • Bahali Ruth

  • Byiringiro Sandrine

  • Cyiza Raissa

  • Dushime Thiéna Ingrése Clara

  • Gatesi Renita

  • Ibirezi Noella

  • Ikirezi Happiness

  • Ikirezi Musoni Kevine

  • Ineza Keïssa

  • Ingabire Gaudence Pamella

  • Iradukunda Christan

  • Irakoze Sabrine Hyguette

  • Marie Reine Kellia

  • Isaro Nadia

  • Ishimwe Muhayimpundu Adelaide

  • Ishimwe Stacy Agray

  • Isimbi Habibah

  • Ituze Ange Melissa

  • Kabagamba Urusaro Lisa

  • Kaberuka Emmanuella

  • Kalila Leila Franca

  • Kamikazi Queen Roxanne

  • Kayumba Darina

  • Kazeneza Marie Merci

  • Keza Maolithia

  • Keza Melissa

  • Keza Nadia

  • Kundwa Dusabemungu Blandine

  • Manzi Mutavu Leslie

  • Mizero Parfine

  • Mugiraneza Benitha

  • Mugisha Igiraneza Ghislaine

  • Munganyinka Jessica

  • Murekatete Stella Matutina

  • Muringa Jessica

  • Mutabazi Isingizwe Sabine

  • Mutoni Pascaline

  • Mwiza Amelia

  • Mwiza Oliver

  • Ndahiro Mugabekazi Queen

  • Nkusi Lynda

  • Nshuti Muheto Divine

  • Nshuti Vanessa

  • Nzobe Imani Nickita

  • Ruzindana Kellia

  • Saro Amanda

  • Shema Nzamukosha Patricia

  • Shengero Ruzindana Belyse

  • Tanganyika Elisabeth

  • Umubyeyi Sandrine

  • Umuhoza Emma Pascaline

  • Umulisa Lidvine

  • Umurerwa Bahenda Arlette Amanda

  • Umutesiwase Raudwa

  • Umutoniwase Dianah

  • Umutoniwase Fredda

  • Utuje Nice Kellia

  • Uwagaga Aslah

  • Uwajeneza Peggy

  • Uwase Esther

  • Uwase Lucie

  • Uwase Mignonne

  • Uwase Rugamba Gloria

  • Uwase Teta Sheena

  • Uwikuzo Marie Magnificat

  • Uwimana Jeannette

  • Uwimana Marlène

  • Uwimanzi Vanessa.

Miss Rwanda 2022 Voting Rules

As mentioned earlier, the top 2 candidates with the most public votes will move to the top 20 automatically. Besides this being a direct ticket to the boot camp for the 2 contestants with the highest votes, each contestant will obtain a 20% portion of the money raised through public votes. The funds would be used to help them finish their projects. Whatsapp groups have been formed by many supporters of different contestants to promote campaigning and financial contributions to vote for Miss Rwanda 2022 contestants. Also, a single person could vote many times. This will go on until February 26.

Miss Rwanda 2022 Voting System

Some people criticized the method of voting as they believed it was a tool to create inequality among the contestants. In the voting system, the contestant who gets a large number of people to vote many times by paying the needed money has a better chance of winning. Many Rwandans believe that this is unfair to the contestants who come from low-income backgrounds. Some people referred to the voting method as a sort of corruption that would be used by wealthy contestants to their advantage.

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